Transformative consumer and market intelligence.

  • In-depth insight into the consumer of today and tomorrow.

  • Complete coverage of trends in retail, consumer markets and marketing.

  • Global team of top industry experts and on-the-ground trend hunters.

  • Original content with fresh perspectives to spark outside-the-box thinking.


The world’s #1 fashion trend forecaster.

  • Enhance your planning with colour and trend forecasts 2+ years ahead.

  • Get inspired by more than 22m images and thousands of royalty free CADs and designs.

  • Drive sales by staying on-trend with over 250 new reports each month.

  • Save half a day every week with our productivity tools and city guides.

Consumer Tech

Innovate with purpose to create meaningful consumer-first products and experiences

  • Drive future growth and sales by focusing innovation on products that consumers will want to buy with insight into how they’ll think and behave.

  • Increase demand by creating products that enhance lifestyles with a view of how consumers will live, work and play.

  • Gain market share and competitive advantage by knowing the right trends and translating them into beautiful products that truly set you apart.

  • Stay ahead of the changing retail landscape with innovative strategies to accurately trade products in-store and online.


Beauty trends to create brilliant products

  • Deep-dive reporting across four key categories – ingredients, colour, fragrance and texture & packaging – combined with the power of WGSN's consumer insights.

  • From 5 year-out to what's happening right this second, forecasting to ensure you meet your long and short-term planning goals.

  • Global experts on every aspect of beauty product design, including sustainability, colour, ingredients and packaging.

  • Best-in-class case studies from brands leading the way on sustainability innovation.


Design for current and future consumer lifestyles.

  • Develop today the products and experiences that will help people live, work and play in tomorrow's world.

  • Design for longevity by understanding your consumers’ lifestyles and anticipating their needs

  • Leverage insights into evolving consumer lifestyles and interior trends from up-to-the-minute movements to 10-year forecasts.

  • Understand trend growth and adoption for the lifestyle and interiors industry, your brand and consumer

Food & Drink

Create and seize the future, today

  • Understand your consumer and anticipate their needs.Tap into WGSN's trend expertise and gain a 360º view of the broader consumer goods industry.

  • Make confident decisions. Leverage insights into evolving consumer values and food and drink trends, from up-to-the-minute trends to 10-year forecasts

  • Get the timing right. Understand trend growth and adoption for your brand and consumer.


Track your brand’s health daily by asking your consumers.

  • Identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Compare your performance against the total market.

  • Assess how you stack up in the purchase funnel.

  • Delve into what’s influencing customer satisfaction levels: offer (shopping experience, range and quality) and value (prices, offers, sales & promotions).


Tailored solutions from the world's trend source

  • Connect the dots among future macro trends to spot your next growth.

  • Keep abreast of global trends: know what they mean for you, when and how to adopt them.

  • Extend your team with WGSN’s global experts and have eyes and ears in 14 countries.

  • Inspire your teams with our creative and innovative workshops.