Daily insights on your brand against competitors – through the eyes of your consumer

WGSN Barometer is a quantitative daily brand tracking solution that provides rich, real-time views of your brand performance, the competition and your consumers, to increase sales, deliver greater return on marketing investment and win market share.

Through the most in-depth consumer survey in the fashion industry, we help you identify changes in demand, brand perception, shopper behaviour, experience measures and competitive activity, and provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to stay ahead of the competition.

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Subscriber Features

Barometer - A bar chart featuring brand data 

  • 17,600 interviews a month 
  • Covers US, UK & Germany consumers, aged 16-74
  • Quotas set at a daily, weekly and monthly level; by age, gender, region, socio-economic group to ensure national representation
  • Over 200 measures asked across over 230 fashion retailers and brands
  • Engaging 16-18 minute questionnaire, which can be completed on all devices
  • Respondents permitted to complete the survey a maximum of four times a year

Barometer - bespoke quantitative research 

  • Access to panels globally
  • Ability to isolate key target audiences
  • Typically 16-18 minute surveys with interviews conducted in local language and findings translated into English
  • Retail analyst and sector expertise, to design and interpret research in context
  • Actionable insights and recommendations given, depending on scope of project
  • Final presentation provided in PowerPoint and video

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