Data and analytics powering best-in-class trend forecasting services 

Our unique quantitative and qualitative data sets are combined with our global intelligence and a myriad of validated third-party sources. Through a diligent methodology, we cut out irrelevance and make sense of millions of unstructured pieces of data, turning it into meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Our team of data scientists are constantly expanding and enhancing our data content to add even more strategic value to our reporting, introducing sophisticated models and algorithms to drive scalable accuracy.

Our TrendCurve+ service uses our proprietary forecasting algorithm to provide incredibly accurate product predictions.

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Proprietary forecasting data

From social media and catwalk shows to
e-commerce, search and consumer sentiment, our unique data sources are brought together by our experts to provide incredibly accurate forecasts.


Over 5 million attributed catwalk images

Every item in every major catwalk show is tagged for every detail and every season by our team of tagging experts. Our unmatched catalogue of over 5 million catwalk images spans over 20 years.


Over 100,000 social media posts monthly

We’ve developed a proprietary global map of Instagram influencers across fashion, beauty, interiors and food and drink so we can track the lifecycle of trends. We use image recognition technology to classify images posted by these influencers at scale.


Over 10,000 brands tracked across over 200 retailers

We collect and classify product data from major global ecommerce sites. This data includes product descriptions, price, promotions and availability, enabling us to assess the strength of trends over time.


Over five years of search history

Our consumer search data across retailer websites and search engines means we can track the magnitude of trend searches and monitor demand.


We survey 17,600 consumers monthly, tracking over 200 measures asked across 230 fashion retailers and brands

Our consumer survey dashboard, Barometer, utilises data from 500 daily surveys from fashion consumers aged 16-74 to measure brand sentiment.

Global expert-generated data

Our proprietary quantitative data is matched with qualitative data from our global team of industry experts. On the ground at trade shows, festivals, catwalks and conferences, we gather a level and breadth of intelligence that is unparalleled. All of this insight is fed into our research and enables our consultants to constantly keep each other ahead of a vast network of global and local trends.

Our methodology

Through our highly complex and diligent methodology, we combine quantitative and qualitative data and global, cross-industry expert knowledge to forecast with confidence and accuracy.

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