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WGSN Food & Drink trend forecasting enables you to innovate today, to develop the products that your consumers will want to eat, drink and experience for years to come, with the most accurate forecasting in consumer, lifestyle and product design trends.

From plant-based nutrition to the impact of Covid-19 on lifestyle and cooking habits, our experts predict the trends 2-10 years out that show you where to go next, and white space opportunities that you can get behind right now. 

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WGSN offers trend forecasting subscriptions and bespoke consultancy services to help you create food and drink products that are right for your consumers. 

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fd - product focusFood, Drink, Packaging, Ingredients, Cuisine & Flavour, Health & Wellness.

Food & Drink - Forecast & ReportsOur unrivalled combination of trusted trend research, backed by data, to deliver accurate and actionable forecasts and reports, including Product and Packaging Forecasts, Personas, Big Ideas, Future Of Food & Drink, and Packaging and Trend Curve analysis. 

Trade Show and Industry CoverageThe latest themes, trends, key products and brands direct from the world’s most important food and drink product and packaging trade shows. 

fd - design toolCity by City guides with hyper-local curated insights.

Food & Drink - Trend Talks and WebinarsAccess to exclusive invite-only Trend Talks and webinars on current topics, including Big Ideas, Future Innovations, Social Media Drivers, Seasonal Trends, Future Consumer and Global Colour. 

Food & Drink - FeedDaily inspiration, fresh ideas and key emerging trends from across the world curated by our global Food & Drink trend experts. 

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Oat Milk

Back in 2014, WGSN forecasted the mainstreaming of plant-based lifestyles amid consumers’ growing allergy, health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns. By 2018, plant-based food sales growth was ten times that of all retail foods – with oat milk becoming the fastest-growing plant-based milk in the US and UK.

Explore our trend confirmation to find out how WGSN helped clients get ahead of the oat milk trend.

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WGSN's consumer, lifestyle and product design forecasts power the most valuable global brands.*

We’re food and drink industry experts. We have a proven track record in inspiring some of the world’s largest food and drink companies to create products you eat, drink and experience every day.

*Interbrand Best Global Brands 2020

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