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WGSN Food & Drink trend forecasting provides an unparalleled cross-industry view of the consumer trends impacting food and drink, so you can create winning products that will delight your future consumers.

We connect evolving consumer behaviours and lifestyles to emerging global trends, providing you with the strategic foresight you need, two to 10 years out, to identify white space opportunities for food and drink innovation, enabling your brand to lead and stay ahead.

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WGSN offers trend forecasting subscriptions and bespoke consultancy services to help you develop food and drink products that satisfy the tastes of your future consumers. 

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fd - product focusFood, Drink, Ingredients, Cuisine & Flavour, Health & Wellness.

Food & Drink - Forecast & ReportsProduct and Packaging Forecasts, Personas, Big Ideas, Future of Food & Drink, TrendCurve analysis. 

Trade Show and Industry CoverageThe latest themes, trends, key products and brands direct from the world’s most important food and drink product and packaging trade shows. 

fd - design toolCity by City guides with hyper-local curated insights.

Food & Drink - Trend Talks and WebinarsAccess to exclusive invite-only Trend Talks and webinars across key industry themes and topics.

Food & Drink - FeedDaily inspiration, fresh ideas and key emerging trends from across the world curated by our global Food & Drink trend experts. 

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Mexican Spirits

In 2017, WGSN called out the growth opportunities for Mexican spirits, driven by more healthful living and the changing perception of sugar. By 2020, online retailer Drizly reported mezcal sales surged 600 percent year over year. In 2020, WGSN Food & Drink shows how changing consumer values support Mexican spirits, and that beyond tequila and mezcal, there is also growth opportunity for lesser-known spirits. In 2023, WGSN forecasts the rise of Sotol, one of Mexico’s lesser known spirits.

Explore our trend confirmation to find out how WGSN helped clients get ahead of the Mexican spirits trend.

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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, WGSN helps the most valuable global brands* in Fashion, Beauty, Food & Drink, Interiors and Consumer Tech create outstanding products that consumers will want and need for years to come.

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