Global, cross-industry data and expertise powered by an unique algorithm

WGSN's research methodology allows us to identify the signals of change and evaluate, verify and forecast trends. We don't just track the past and extrapolate it into the future, we actively forecast the future influences on the consumer, product design and trading, now and in the years to come.

Our five stage approach

We have a unique five stage methodology that enables our teams to forecast with precision.

WGSN Methodology

1. Observe

Our WGSN experts cover a broad range of specialisms and skills from sustainability and colour, to product design and data science. These experts build foundational research drawing on society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creative culture. We also draw on our proprietary data sources which include social media, image recognition, retail search data, consumer sentiment and social listening, and a human tagged image library containing millions of images.

2. Synthesise

We synthesise the drivers of change and add a deep Industry context, and designer’s eye on Culture and Creativity to identify future aesthetics. The process involves evaluating data models and stress testing our thinking through critical debate.

3. Forecast

The drivers of change and future aesthetics become the basis for our forecasts. These macro forecasts then pass through a series of assessment checkpoints. We add layers of rigour and integrity into our forecasting that drive diversity and inclusion, sustainability and global representation. We add robust data validation and employ a peer review process which leverages WGSN’s breadth of expertise.

4. Focus

Our forecasts are re-focused as we apply them to the industries and categories we serve at a product level. From denim and footwear to tech products and skincare, our reporting drills down our wealth of research and forecasting to actionable predictions.

5. Re-evaluate

The process of forecasting never stops and we are continuously processing new signals of change. We have a constant flow of research and market intelligence, ensuring we stay on top of shifts and developments as they happen. This enables us to bring emerging trends to our customers on a daily basis and contextualise new information.