Create winning strategies to engage your future consumers

WGSN Insight enables you to effectively drive engagement with your future consumers through a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and lifestyles, plus the market and socio-cultural global shifts that will impact and disrupt your industry.

We connect the dots between data and culture across technology, marketing, design, retail and business strategy to give you a clear picture of what will be relevant, how to anticipate change and where to go next. From emerging consumer trends to long-range forecasts predicting consumer behaviours and mindsets, our accurate reports can be used to advise, inspire, confirm and inform product design, business decisions and strategic planning.

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Insight in action

WGSN offers subscriptions and bespoke consultancy services to help your business get ahead of consumer and lifestyle trends.

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Subscriber features

  • Insight into what people value now and what they will desire next
  • Consumer attitudes segmented by generation and region
  • Coverage of emerging consumer mindsets including extensive youth culture research
  • Consumer forecasts predicting behaviours over two years ahead
  • Reporting on future lifestyles and industries including travel, technology, automotive, beauty, food, wellness and more

  • In-depth reporting on what it takes to build an iconic brand
  • Identification and analysis of influencer trends and ways to engage
  • Predictions of social media aesthetics and how these visual languages drive conversions
  • Best-in-class case studies of innovative marketing and creative campaigns
  • On-the-ground coverage of key takeaways from major industry events and conferences
  • Seasonal round-up of top campaign trends

  • Shopper and retail forecasts dedicated to driving sales and social ROI
  • Global team of retail strategists identifying long-term shifts and opportunities
  • Analysis of key shopper behaviours including e-commerce m-commerce, and social commerce
  • Best-in-class case studies from value to luxury retailers 
  • White papers identifying predictive shopping behaviours
  • Comprehensive analysis of online and offline retail strategies

  • We stimulate your imagination by bringing you to the leading edge
  • Forward-looking strategies that are shaping the market place
  • Emergent behaviours driven by new technologies and new voices
  • Creative inspiration through the lens of new product ideas and design
Getting you ahead of change

Are you ready for the decision-makers of 2030?

Generation Alpha (born 2010-2025) is projected to become a global group of 2.5 billion by 2025 – and looks set to hold the greatest spending power in history. Understanding this cohort now will help future-proof your business.

WGSN breaks down how to engage this increasingly important consumer. 
Is your brand ready?

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Who uses WGSN

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, WGSN helps the most valuable global brands* in Fashion, Beauty, Food & Drink, Interiors and Consumer Tech create outstanding products that consumers will want and need for years to come.

*Interbrand Best Global Brands 2023

who uses wgsn

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Did you know?

Insight is used across industries:

Insight is used across industries and is integral to getting the most from your WGSN subscription to inspire the products, experiences and services your consumers will want to buy:

Home & Interiors
Food & Drink
Consumer Electronics

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