Be prepared for the decision makers of 2030

Gen Alpha (born 2011-2025) is projected to become a global group of 2.5 billion by 2025, holding the greatest spending power in history. However, only a small percentage of businesses are considering this group within their current strategy.

WGSN helps you prepare for future generations set to impact your industry, ensuring you remain prepared for what's to come. Is your brand ready to engage with this hyperconnected consumer?

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Latest Gen Alpha WGSN Reports

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Gen Alpha: Marketing Strategies

This report provides strategies for brands courting these digital-savvy consumers and their parents.

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Gen Alpha: Digital Media Profiles

By 2025, this tech-savvy generation is set to be 2.5 billion strong and brands must rethink digital strategies to win them over. We highlight five ways Gen Alpha leverages digital media and provide engagement strategies.

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Teens & Tweens: Retail Strategies 2023

On this report, we unpack how brands and retailers are connecting with younger customers (and their parents) across digital and physical retail spaces.

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Alpha Eating Habits: Brand Strategies

As they get older, Alphas are having more of a say in household purchasing decisions, especially food. WGSN Insight explores how brands can engage with this digitally native, discerning generation.

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Case Studies: Alphas Retail

From gamified wellness to phygital spaces, we explore how retailers are catering to Alphas, the most diverse and digitally savvy generation to date

Generation Alpha Trends WGSN
Teens & Tweens: Beauty Mindsets

As experienced beauty consumers, teens and tweens are officially vying for their space in the market. WGSN explores the key consumer mindsets, including puberty pressures, appearance culture and identity expression.