Beauty Trends

You are challenged every day to create the best products for changing consumer groups while respecting the planet and delivering your bottom line. With long lead-times and continuously developing information, deciding which trends to back is difficult. But make the right calls and you could create the next beauty hero – the one that’s still going to be with us in decades to come. From 100% waterless innovations to sensory morphing, WGSN Beauty will help you understand what’s next for the future of beauty.

S/S 20 Key Beauty Colour Trends

WGSN's Beauty Global Colour forecast translates our three seasonal Vision trends into palettes for the beauty industry, applicable across cosmetics, hair and packaging.

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How We Help

From packaging and ingredients to colours, texture and fragrance, WGSN Beauty brings the right information, at the right time, to develop your next generation of instant-hit and long-term hero products.

Ingredients: From extreme mutations to hypnotics, get the latest insight on what ingredients you need to back, today and tomorrow

Texture & Fragrance: The aspects of your beauty product that will create the user experience, driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Packaging: Aesthetic trends in packaging 2 years out to give confidence in design and development

AdvisoryAll of our reports and analysis customised to your company’s specific needs

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WGSN Beauty Customers

We help the world’s biggest beauty brands and manufacturers, including more than half of the 2016 global top 20 beauty brands*, map out their future consumer, product development and marketing strategies.
*source: Cosmetics Business, 2016

Industry Specific Features

Our subscription services include in-depth reporting and analysis on ingredients, texture and fragrance, colour, and packaging. Plus, all the reports are searchable by specific product category: colour cosmetics, skincare and haircare.

  • 2-5 years out trend forecasting for long lead-time product development
  • 12-18 months out reports on seasonal gifting, innovations and key lifestyle trends  
  • Emerging trends and Trade Show coverage for right now
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WGSN Beauty Experts

Jenni Middleton

Director of Beauty

Jenni helps clients respond to the fast pace of change in product design, consumer demand and retail. She heads up a team of beauty, sustainability and forecasting experts to let businesses know what to launch and when to launch it.

Championing the role the beauty industry plays in supporting physical and mental wellbeing, Jenni guides businesses towards ethical and sustainable best practice. She has presented at international conferences on retail, health and beauty for over 20 years, as well as leading consultancy projects for global businesses.

Jenni enjoys baking, tennis, weightlifting and attending vintage-themed events.

Clare Varga

Head of Beauty

Clare marries an understanding of product design and innovative technology to create future visions for customers in manufacturing and retail. She is interested in how human behaviour influences the products and services people want to buy.

With a background in performance sport and knowledge of colour psychology, health and wellness, Clare helps shape the future trends across WGSN.

An engaging speaker, Clare has presented for global brands and industry events. As a media commentator, she is known for her long-range vision and perceptive trend naming.

Clare loves sport, especially rugby and cricket. She also enjoys watercolour painting and DIY.

Laura Saunter

Senior Strategist, Insight

Laura is an expert forecaster in the retail space, exploring how the landscape is shifting and analysing consumer attitudes. A specialist in store design, luxury commerce and shopper behaviour, she identifies new consumer tribes, emerging business strategies and the future of the store.

Laura has worked on bespoke consultancy projects and presentations for global brands, including LVMH and Bulgari. An accomplished public speaker and panellist, she reports on conferences and events around the world. She also has a first-class honours degree from Oxford University.

When not examining trends, Laura can be found in a sunny climate practising her multilingual skills.

Theresa Yee

Senior Strategist, Beauty

Theresa’s 13 years of experience in the beauty industry enables her to understand the sector from the perspective of multiple categories, with a specialism in skincare and wellness. Her content helps clients gain insight into the importance of the seasonal, micro and long-range macro trends.

To help deliver forecasts that shape new product development, Theresa gathers research and knowledge of innovation from global trade shows, launches, retail and service experiences in beauty and wellness.

A fitness addict, Theresa is a marathon runner and a qualified fitness instructor. She also runs a weekly HIIT class in our London office.