WGSN gives designers the confidence they need to plan their ranges and create must-have products. Our suite of products encompasses fashion trend forecasting, crowd-sourced design validation, consumer and lifestyle trend insight and bespoke consultancy.

  • Stay ahead with WGSN Fashion’s 2 year+ forecasts

  • Benchmark your product, price and markdown strategies against 400+ competitors, with our e-commerce data platform, WGSN Instock

  • Discover the next generation of influencers with our consumer tribe analyses


WGSN helps merchandisers maximise their margins, improve sell through and reduce risk in range planning. We offer specific products and services designed to fit into and enhance the merchandiser’s workflow.

  • Benchmark your product, price and markdown strategies against 400+ competitors, with our e-commerce data platform, WGSN Instock

  • Understand why you’ve lost consumers, who you’ve lost them to, as well as purchase drivers and barriers within your target groups, with our daily consumer insights tool, WGSN Barometer

  • Gain an indepth view of global retail trends with WGSN Fashion


Our intelligence enables better decision-making from concept to creation improving profitability and driving top-line growth. Over 9 in 10 executives say WGSN has helped influence their best-sellers, while improving sales

  • 93% of executives say that WGSN has strongly influenced their sales

  • 84% report that WGSN has helped them save money

  • Key cost-savings include: fewer samples purchased, less & more efficient shopping trips, and more effective range-planning


WGSN offers buyers insight they can trust with early views into future trends in fashion, colour and textiles, plus real-time retail analytics and our crowd-sourced range validation service.

  • Benchmark your product, price and markdown strategies against 400+ competitors, with our e-commerce data platform, WGSN Instock

  • Get real-time data on sales, restocks and discounts with WGSN Instock

  • Gain an early view of trends with WGSN Fashion


WGSN enables marketers to see the complete picture of current and future consumer issues. We have a range of products and services to help marketers develop compelling campaigns and winning strategies.

  • View consumer attitudes and trends up to five years ahead

  • Gain insight into the wider consumer market with WGSN Insight

  • Bespoke insight reports and projects from WGSN Mindset, a custom advisory business

Trusted By The Industry's Best

WGSN (World’s Global Style Network) is relied upon by some of the world’s most creative and innovative businesses, from multi-national groups to independent designers. We help them deliver the right product at the right time.

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Case Studies

WGSN empowers our clients to do their best work at every stage and phase of the product development lifecycle. Read our case studies to see how clients around the world benefit from our suite of products and services in practice.

Ruth Warmann, Head of Design at talks about how WGSN trend forecasting services helped develop their collections and validate their design ideas.

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Shinkong Textile

Established in 1955 in Taiwan, Shinkong Textile creates revolutionary functional fabric as a foundation for premier brands in apparel, outdoor clothing, sportswear and urban fashion around the globe. Since 2013, Shinkong Textile has turned to WGSN for inspiration for textile innovation and up-to-date market trends via both trend reports and seasonal interactive workshops.

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Francine Candiotti, Design Director, Fila, turned to WGSN to help her create fashion-forward collections and revive Fila’s standing as a leader in sports performance apparel.

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BR Malls

Maria Fernanda de Paoli, Head of Marketing at BR Malls, talks about how WGSN Mindset has helped her company to devise a long term consumer oriented strategy.

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Since Camellia joined Milagros over 20 years ago, she has witnessed the company’s revolutionary transformation from being a trading company to becoming a multi-category, full-service provider with their own manufacturing facilities.

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