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We define what's next so you can make smarter decisions today. Our global trend forecasters and data scientists obsessively decode the future to provide the authoritative view on tomorrow. Our experts report on consumer attitudes segmented by generation and region; consumer forecasts predicting behaviours 2+ years ahead; and specific areas such as the future of travel, technology, automotive, beauty, food and wellness.

Instagram Trends: Art Memes

In the age of social media, Instagram creatives are mining famous works of art for inspiration and using unexpected mediums – from food to their own bodies – to make new work.

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WGSN Agency Experts

Helen Palmer

Head of Materials, Knit and Textiles

Helen enables creative teams to translate future concepts into material realities. With a background in fibre, yarn, knitwear and textiles, she brings over 25 years’ industry expertise in materials forecasting and product development to WGSN, working and consulting with mills, manufacturers and fashion brands from Europe to Asia.

Helen excels at threading together big picture design and lifestyle concepts with consumer insights to create actionable product trends, enabling clients to stay ahead in a changing market. Motivated by ethical and responsible design, she serves as a passionate advocate for WGSN’s Sustainability board.

Helen loves cats, crafts, ceramics and the countryside.

Sarah Owen

Senior Strategist, Insight

Sarah is a sociologist, brand strategist and trend forecaster with a background in social media and youth trends. At WGSN Insight, she leads a team dedicated to helping our clients understand digital trends, youth culture and marketing strategies.

Sarah has previously worked across the USA, Australia and Europe, researching global generational trends, consulting with Fortune 500 brands, and writing for New York magazine, Vogue, and The New York Times.

When she's not connecting the dots between trends, Sarah is busy learning a new skill (she’s a recently certified pilates instructor) or language (she's currently in Lisbon learning Portuguese).

Petah Marian

Senior Strategist, Insight

Petah translates changing consumer values into strategies that help build a better future through better businesses. Combining expertise in consumer behaviour with over a decade as an award-winning retail and fashion business journalist, she is focused on retail, brand, business and sustainability strategies, and consults for brands and retailers around the world.

A keynote speaker at global events including Shoptalk, Web Summit and World Retail Congress, Petah is also the host of Create Tomorrow: The WGSN Podcast.

Petah has a degree in creative writing and mentors young people on the subject to help them reach their potential.