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Exploring the sexual revolution in Asia

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Aug 22, 2023 By WGSN Insider
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We examine the reasons why consumers are keen to explore their sexuality now, from the growing adult toy market to a focus on sexual health.

In 2021, WGSN explored the drivers behind the consumer sex revolution. As some regions of the world tackled masculine taboos, normalised sexual wellness products and explored VR sex, Asian Gen Zers and Millennials have been navigating the space in their own ways, driving APAC to become the largest contributor to the global sexual wellness market in 2022.

In this podcast episode, WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi and Insight Senior Strategist Debbie Yong delve into the sexual revolution and explore how it is impacting global sexual awareness. The discussion also covers the growing adult toy market and how brands can navigate the complex regional landscape that is not only afforded by the different rules and regulations of each country but also their ageing populations and dwindling fertility rates.

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WGSN subscribers can explore more on the topic by reading Selling Sex in APAC. Alternatively, request a demo to discover the key strategies for catering to the shifting consumer attitudes towards sex in Asia.

Offering discreet toys

“Asian consumers are showing a keen interest in sexual wellness products and this includes everything from contraceptives to sex toys. I predict we will see more discreet designs of everyday objects that have a double use; for example, a vibrator that could be used for facial massage or a sexual wellness toy that can be used as a nightlight so you can display it openly in your house.”

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Breaking into the mainstream

“We see quite a few sexual wellness brands opening retail stores in mainstream malls and it’s no longer garish, neon-lit stores, they’re in soothing pastel pink. They have fitting rooms where you can check out directly and get the items delivered to you the next day so you don’t have to carry the bags around and the packaging is all very discreet.”

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Understanding the link between emotions and intimacy

“A particularly Asian phenomenon is the expectation for intergenerational living; a lot of young adults in Asia live with their parents until marriage. In order to connect with them you need to offer emotional connection in private spaces, even if it’s in a larger shared environment, rather than just the sexual nature of relationships.”
– Debbie Yong, Insight Senior Strategist, WGSN

Head to Apple or Spotify to hear the full discussion on our Lives of Tomorrow podcast episode, Podcast: Less Sex, More Toys and the Future of Sexual Awareness in Asia.

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