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Exploring the drivers behind the consumer sex revolution

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Nov 04, 2021 By WGSN Insider

Let’s talk about sex. It’s always been a hot topic, but what’s exciting is that the conversation is expanding. In some regions of the world, there is a shift towards more open, honest and diverse conversations, depictions and explorations of sex and sexuality from a multiplicity of viewpoints.

We’ve been tracking this at WGSN and have published several reports about what this means for brands, including Selling Sex on Insight, Sexual Wellness – The Next Frontier in Beauty and Inclusive Sex Tech on Consumer Tech. Our sexperts get up close and personal with the current consumer sex revolution. Tune into episode 36 of our podcast to hear us talk diversity, desire and teledildonics. 

Tackling masculine taboos

“There are so many reasons why men could feel inhibited to talk about sex, and finally, some of those things are starting to be broken down. It’s enabled by the fact that men are talking much more about their mental health and their emotions in general. Everything has stopped being topics that are no-go areas for men because they’re starting to live much more authentic lives, which is better for everyone.”
– Nick Paget, Senior Strategist, WGSN Menswear

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Normalising sexual wellness products

“There is a normalising of sexual wellness products, putting them on par with all your other everyday essentials, like shampoo or your favourite moisturiser. Whether it’s a product or a toy, they’re not things that are sort of hidden in the bedside drawer anymore. They’re pretty shelfie-worthy, covetable products. They’re designed to be on show and discussed, and I love that about this whole area.”
– Clare Varga, Head of WGSN Beauty

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Exploring VR sex

“One thing that is great about VR sex, even though it seems a little bit futuristic, is VR sex is safer. It gives autonomy and safety back to sex workers because they’re able to engage with their clientele in a safe way. It also just lets you explore, if you’re someone who’s bi-curious and you’re looking to have a sexual experience with the same gender, but you might not be ready to do it IRL, you can hop into these different platforms and explore your desires and kinks in safe and positive ways.”
– Caitlin Monahan, Strategist, WGSN Consumer Tech

To hear the full discussion tune in to Episode 36 of our Create Tomorrow podcast, Diversity, Desire and Teledildonics – Inside the Consumer Sex Revolution, on AnchorApple and Spotify.

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