Революционная платформа для оценки потребительского поведения.

WGSN Insight — наш главный ресурс по прогнозированию тенденций в поведении покупателей. Благодаря уникальному контенту и глубокомим аналитическим исследованиям WGSN Insight помогает профессионалам креативной индустрии всегда быть на шаг впереди и понимать своих покупателей, их мотивацию к покупке и желания.

Потребительский Рынок

Мы информируем вас о том, чего сейчас хотят покупатели, и что будет пользоваться спросом в будущем. В частности, мы изучаем:

  • Предпочтения потребителей по возрастным категориям и регионам
  • Прогнозы потребительского поведения за 2 года до наступления сезона
  • Обзоры будущих тенденций в области путешествий, технологий, автомобилестроения, индустрии красоты, продуктов питания, здоровья и др.


Мы даём вам детальные рекомендации для того, чтобы выстроить культовый бренд. Например, мы подбираем:

  • Лучшие примеры инновационного маркетинга и рекламных кампаний
  • Обзоры ключевых моментов важнейших отраслевых мероприятий и конференций
  • Сезонные обзоры главных рекламных кампаний

Розничная Торговля

Мы углублённо изучаем розничный бизнес:

  • Успешный опыт в сфере продаж с разбивкой по городам, категориям и форматам
  • Отчёты и исследования с прогнозом покупательских предпочтений
  • Комплексный анализ онлайн и оффлайн розничных стратегий


Мы предлагаем новые идеи, чтобы вы всегда были на шаг впереди:

  • Обзоры будущих тенденций для понимания позиционирования вашего бренда на рынке
  • Анализ спроса потребителей, который зависит от внедрения новых технологий
  • Творческие идеи через призму новых продуктов и дизайна

Наши Эксперты

Andrea Bell

Director, Insight

Part trend forecaster, part futurist, Andrea has in-depth knowledge of the consumer marketplace and behavioral shifts that impact society. She leads our future consumer analysis and works with global brands to create world-class strategies.

Andrea is in demand as an international speaker, recently appearing at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, MoMA and NRF’s Big Show in New York. Her consumer expertise has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Business of Fashion, and The Wall Street Journal.

Andrea’s special skills include never losing a game of Scrabble and always befriending the dog at any social gathering.

Joe McDonnell

Head of Insight

Coming from a media and creative background, Joe is an industry leader in analysis and insight in consumer forecasting, market-research and business strategy, assisting clients looking to future-proof their businesses. He manages a global team of experts tracking consumer, marketing, retail and innovation trends.

Joe is a respected thought leader, with international publications and events seeking his input. He previously worked for two of the globe’s largest communications networks, Omnicom and WPP’s Mindshare, where he helped brands execute award-winning advertising campaigns in sport, fashion and entertainment.

If you were wondering, yes, Joe wrote this about himself in the third person.

Jenny Clark

Head of Colour

Jenny is a skilled colour forecaster with an in-depth knowledge of conceptual colour development. She identifies emerging colour trends and tracks their evolution across multiple industries.

Having trained as a woven textile designer, Jenny went on to lead colour forecasting in the automotive and footwear industry for 20 years, working at Nissan and advising clients such as Patagonia and Merrell. Her process is driven by creativity and strategic thinking, and she is always seeking the perfect colour for the right product.

Jenny is a home crafter who currently quilts with recycled denim and experiments with natural dyes.

Helen Palmer

Head of Materials, Knit and Textiles

Helen enables creative teams to translate future concepts into material realities. With a background in fibre, yarn, knitwear and textiles, she brings over 25 years’ industry expertise in materials forecasting and product development to WGSN, working and consulting with mills, manufacturers and fashion brands from Europe to Asia.

Helen excels at threading together big picture design and lifestyle concepts with consumer insights to create actionable product trends, enabling clients to stay ahead in a changing market. Motivated by ethical and responsible design, she serves as a passionate advocate for WGSN’s Sustainability board.

Helen loves cats, crafts, ceramics and the countryside.

Ella Hudson

Head of Research

Ella is obsessed with the human condition and understanding why we do the things we do, citing people-watching as a favourite pastime.

Sitting at the intersection of WGSN's products to coordinate strategists, analysts and researchers from around the world, Ella's position supports each team to deliver accurate, human-centred recommendations that enable clients to make decisions with confidence.

Ella’s previous experience includes roles at Sunspel, Chloé and Vivienne Westwood, specialising in accessories and jewellery.

A born and bred Londoner, Ella can be coaxed away from city life at the promise of a brisk walk and a good pub lunch.

Sarah Owen

Senior Strategist, Insight

Sarah is a sociologist, brand strategist and trend forecaster with a background in social media and youth trends. At WGSN Insight, she leads a team dedicated to helping our clients understand digital trends, youth culture and marketing strategies.

Sarah has previously worked across the USA, Australia and Europe, researching global generational trends, consulting with Fortune 500 brands, and writing for New York magazine, Vogue, and The New York Times.

When she's not connecting the dots between trends, Sarah is busy learning a new skill (she’s a recently certified pilates instructor) or language (she's currently in Lisbon learning Portuguese).

Laura Saunter

Senior Strategist, Insight

Laura is an expert forecaster in the retail space, exploring how the landscape is shifting and analysing consumer attitudes. A specialist in store design, luxury commerce and shopper behaviour, she identifies new consumer tribes, emerging business strategies and the future of the store.

Laura has worked on bespoke consultancy projects and presentations for global brands, including LVMH and Bulgari. An accomplished public speaker and panellist, she reports on conferences and events around the world. She also has a first-class honours degree from Oxford University.

When not examining trends, Laura can be found in a sunny climate practising her multilingual skills.

Petah Marian

Senior Strategist, Insight

Petah translates changing consumer values into strategies that help build a better future through better businesses. Combining expertise in consumer behaviour with over a decade as an award-winning retail and fashion business journalist, she is focused on retail, brand, business and sustainability strategies, and consults for brands and retailers around the world.

A keynote speaker at global events including Shoptalk, Web Summit and World Retail Congress, Petah is also the host of Create Tomorrow: The WGSN Podcast.

Petah has a degree in creative writing and mentors young people on the subject to help them reach their potential.