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Make confident decisions backed by trusted trend insights, expertly curated data and actionable recommendations, from up-to-the-minute trend updates to 10-year-out forecasts. We make it easy for creative thinkers to understand and design for the next-generation consumer, wherever in the world you might be based.

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We scan the global landscape so you can focus on creating outstanding products and experiences. Our extensive network of industry experts, based in 15 regional offices, provides inspiration to a community of over 43,000 product designers and thought leaders in 32 global markets.

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Design the products, services and experiences that people will want to buy by tapping into the most trusted consumer insight and product design direction. The data-backed insights and custom advisory solutions help you make accurate decisions, stay ahead of change and know how to adapt.

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Be empowered by the world’s most trusted trend forecaster

For over 20 years, WGSN has been getting it right in trend forecasting, powering the world's most valuable brands. Launched in London in 1998, WGSN disrupted the market with a pioneering online trend service back then – and it continues to drive the industry by forecasting change.

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A World Of Trend Expertise

Our trends team has a combined industry experience of more than 700 years. They are drawn from all walks of the industry and are all driven by the same goal, to help our members achieve greater success.

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At WGSN, you will work with the world's most creative trend experts, designers, editors, account managers, marketers, product developers, customer service experts and much more. Our collective spirit is defined in our core values – to create, celebrate, communicate, challenge and collaborate. If you are an expert in your field, we want to hear from you.

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