WGSN, the world's leading trend forecaster, celebrates its 25th anniversary

WGSN is 25!
Oct 17, 2023

WGSN has revolutionised creative industries with access to content creation and foresight.

As WGSN celebrates its 25th anniversary, they reflect on the company's remarkable journey.

LONDON, October 1, 2023 WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, turns 25. This achievement reflects the company's success and innovation, which have altered how companies interact with consumers and create products and services that are commercially relevant.

WGSN was developed to disrupt the creative industry and as a digital-first platform, it revolutionised trend forecasting by, for the first time, bringing access to curated content gathered across the world, highlighting assertive information on local and subcultures that were setting off new consumer behaviours.

Carla Buzasi, President & CEO at WGSN, said: “Today, the majority of brands across the world know that the process of developing new products and services that can serve local and international markets must, inevitably, be connected to consumer trends and behaviours. However, 25 years ago the curation and understanding of trends was not a reality. We were pioneers then, and we continue to be today.”

Carla Buzasi, President & CEO at WGSN, said: “We have been supporting companies who are searching for their next ‘hero’ product that will attract consumers’ attention for 25 years. From day one, WGSN’s digital-first product was designed to help them create it.”

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