WGSN reveals the Top Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Kgabo Mametja I @iamsaintrose for WGSN
Jan 17, 2023

From algae-based materials to buzzy super-ingredients, discover the top trends that will define consumers’ lives for 2023 and beyond, covering fashion, interiors, beauty, tech and food and drink. 

LONDON, January, 2023 – WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, releases the top trends in consumer behaviour and product development for 2023 and beyond. Informed by WGSN’s unique methodology, the 13 trends reveal the future of tomorrow.

The top trends for 2023 are:

  • Digital Lavender – Already embedded in digital culture, WGSN's imaginative Colour of the Year will represent wellness, digital escapism and stability.
  • Decentralised Social Media – Social media moves towards decentralised models, which are set to redefine connection and community.
  • Mindful Gaming – Gaming will increasingly become a source for healing, influencing product design for hardware, accessories and environments.
  • The Modular Sneaker – When is a sneaker not a sneaker? When it’s modular. Detachable and interchangeable components on sneakers are on the rise in the footwear market.
  • Algae-based Alternatives – Algae is set to be the new fashion super-solution for creating lower-impact fibres, foams and materials.
  • Sea Moss – Sea moss is the next beauty superfood. This multitasking ingredient will migrate from skincare to haircare, bath and body, and beauty edibles.
  • Skin Rewilding – Skin rewilding becomes the antidote to modern skin problems, with ‘seed and feed’ products that help to repair, strengthen and protect the skin’s natural flora.
  • Uni – Uni, the edible rich, creamy orange lobe part of the sea urchin, will move beyond the fine dining menu to flavour more packaged goods.  
  • Sotol – Sotol is the latest Mexican spirit to gain global prominence. This spirit distilled from the desert spoon shrub will be a cocktail star in 2023.
  • Solar Energy Revolution – Watch the solar energy revolution hit mass, powering everyday household accessories and more. Shine on!
  • Sweaters for Furniture – We're all going soft. Consumers will dress and undress furniture with cosy upholstery and textiles to warm up humans and the home.
  • Fantasy Fitness – ‘Exercising for fun’ takes on a new meaning with gamified workouts. Enter the fitness metaverse for your daily workout in 2023.
  • Everyday AR – Augmented reality will become a daily tool, moving from smartphones to AR navigation and AR smart glasses.


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