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We helped this cosmetics brand reposition its product line in China

Leading Japanese Cosmetics Brand

Looking to relaunch its hit product in China, our client set itself the goal of becoming the cosmetic brand of choice for Millennial-Minimal Chinese consumers. With little physical presence in China and a target persona that needed evolving and updating, it looked to WGSN and Yimian to help understand local consumers, emerging narratives, and customer engagement opportunities. Alongside its commercial goals in China, the Company also wanted to shift their product line positioning to be more global and relevant. 

WGSN designed a 4 step program. This covered all aspects of customer engagement and provided stakeholders with strong direction and data to create a compelling persona portrait and reposition their hero product line. The four steps included: 

1. Consumer Profile Deciphering
2. Competitive Landscape Analysis 
3. Engagement Strategies Workshop
4. Concept Roll-out Strategy 

Numerous beauty ingredients

Providing social data and monitoring, Yimian’s insights allowed WGSN to weight their recommendation and identify stronger communication whitespaces for the brand.


Person applying lotion to hand

As an immediate result, our customer was able to brief their creative agencies and onboard their leadership with a strong concept backed by data. Alongside this, participants highlighted the richness of our reports and used the subsequent findings to completely reposition the product line based on our recommendations.