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T2 Tea delights customers by offering an immersive brand experience.

T2 Tea


Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1996, T2 Tea reimagines and reinvents the humble tea leaf. From its unique blends and fashion-forward, sustainable packaging to eclectic selections of teawares, T2 brings a modern twist to the ancient tea-drinking ritual.


As a brand that values individuality, T2 knows the importance of creating products that its diverse consumers from all over the globe will want.

Inspiration is key when creating products and experiences that tell a story. WGSN has become an integral part of T2’s planning process, from understanding consumer profiles and marketing and retail strategies to adopting new flavours and texture.


Packaging is a big part of the T2 DNA. Its designers looked into WGSN Fashion’s reports on colours, prints and design for inspiration, enabling the brand to create a series of seasonal products loved by customers of all ages.

During the pandemic, T2 launched a wellness campaign. It referenced various WGSN data and trend research, from coronavirus reports and ingredients forecasts to the way consumers are looking at wellness. It also launched the Super Latte range using a powder format, which was a first for the brand.


T2 Tea boxes



T2 continues to lead in terms of innovation in its space. By integrating various facets of fashion and interiors into the world of food and drink through WGSN’s trend insights, T2 enables customers to experience its magic.


“While I thrive on the reports on colours, design and new ingredients, what’s incredibly important is that I’m able to share consumer insights, marketing strategies, virtual windows from different parts of the world, all the information that WGSN is fantastic at, with the key stakeholders in the business. And it’s really helpful to us. We’re able to look at all those reports and see really critical information for us as a brand”

Wendy Byrne, Head of Buying

T2 Tea