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Sunnies Studios found the confidence to create impactful products for consumers and the planet

Sunnies Studios

Based in the Philippines, Sunnies Studios is a lifestyle brand focused on creating products to help people see beauty in everyday things. It has garnered a cult following, having started with sunglasses in 2013. It has since expanded to prescription eyeglasses, growing into a one-stop shop for eyewear.


Sunnies Studios was founded due to the market’s lack of on-trend yet affordable sunglasses. The brand’s aim was to balance cutting-edge design and everyday wearability.

Colour plays an important role in its process, from product design and packaging to marketing activations and retail visual merchandising. With the help of WGSN, it selected the right styles and colours for its eyewears, including the colour pairings for the Anti-Rad Adaptive range, a product line that combines blue-light defence lenses with photochromic lens technology, adding a fun element to a functional product.


Sunnies Studios

While the creative team at Sunnies Studios finds inspiration from various sources, WGSN helps hone and validate the trends the brand should adopt, going hand in hand with the creative process.

Sunnies Studios is one of the first brands in the Philippines to take responsibility for sustainability. A suite of WGSN sustainability reports, ranging from materials to packaging, equipped it with the knowledge and resources to create better products, inspiring the use of biodegradable acetate, plant-based plastic and recycled polyester in its eyewear.


Sunnies Studios

“WGSN has been a game-changer in our process. It gave us the confidence to make the right decisions, helping us elevate our brand to a whole new level. Through WGSN, we’re able to see what other brands from other countries are doing that we’re able to learn from.”

Nicci Idian, Brand Manager, Sunnies Inc


With the help of WGSN, Sunnies Studios continues to be a pioneer, changing consumers’ relationship with eyewear and setting itself apart from other players in the market.


Sunnies Studios

“The WGSN Fashion Feed has inspired us with its up-to-date information. It allows us to get a pulse on what’s trending.”

Nina Pangan, Product Associate, Sunnies Inc