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This renowned home supplier got ahead of upcoming challenges by creating a direct-to-consumer brand.

form + pac | BOMSHBEE


Hong Kong-based form + pac is a supply chain management and solution company specialising in sourcing home merchandise, specifically tabletop and home decor.


Since 2017, with the help of WGSN, it has been successfully helping brands worldwide understand changes in consumer behaviour and what products they’ll want to decorate their homes.

Across the world, brick-and-mortar retailers need help to gain footfall, which translates into a downsizing of their product portfolio and, eventually, business losses for the supply chain. When form + pac directors, William and Anthony Lau, started to see this pattern with their clients, they turned to WGSN Insight to seek business intelligence and inspiration to keep pace with the evolution and get ahead of the challenge.

rm + pac | BOMSHBEE

In 2019, using their breadth of knowledge in the home supply chain, they launched DTC brand BOMSHBEE, a line of thoughtfully designed tableware that celebrates the everyday. Since its launch, the brand’s e-commerce has steadily doubled sales year on year and has a presence in indie boutiques across America including MOMA Design Store and SFMOMA Museum Store.

form + pac | BOMSHBEE

“WGSN gives me the lens into the future for both my B2B and DTC businesses”

- Anthony Lau, Co-Founder, BOMSHBEE

With the guidance of WGSN’s consumer insights and intelligence, form + pac was able to cement the business and create a thought leadership reputation with B2B customers while helping position BOMSHBEE. It was even able to help a US-based client grow from zero to multi-million revenue in three years.

Staying at the top of the supply chain competition requires investment and a clear view of the future. Investing in WGSN has a strong ROI for form + pac. Its B2B clients trust it to advise on what’s new and what’s next, staying with them through difficult business times like the pandemic. For its DTC brand, the information it gets access to helps it grow sustainably with an eye on the future. For the founders, it is about cultivating and upscaling their skills, mastering WGSN to become a trusted source of future trends for their brand and clients.

form + pac | BOMSHBEE

“WGSN is my advisor, my consultant. The insight and trends I get from WGSN really prepare me for any conversation with my customers.”

- William Lau, Co-Founder, BOMSHBEE