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Paragon’s investment in microbiome technology helps address consumers’ skin concerns amid the pandemic

Paragon Technology and Innovation

Paragon is one of the leading beauty companies in Indonesia, creating innovative products for the greater good of the society. It is a pioneer in Halal cosmetics and grooming products. Its brands Wardah, Emina and Make Over are among the top 10 most popular make-up brands in Indonesia (Statista, 2020).

The pandemic had a massive impact on the beauty industry as consumers became more frugal and used fewer cosmetics. Paragon also noticed consumers' skin sensitivity increased due to various factors such as more exposure to sunlight owing to a rise in exercise activity, as well as frequent use of hand sanitisers. Paragon had to re-evaluate its strategy to ensure it was creating products that addressed the changing needs of its consumers.


Inspired by WGSN insights and trend forecasts, Paragon launched a new line, LABORÉ, that caters to people with sensitive skin living in a tropical environment. The Ingredients Forecast guided its team to focus on ingredients that work with the skin’s microbiome. It invested heavily on microbiome technology, ensuring its products are backed by science. It also launched the Wardah sunscreen in stick format after reading WGSN reports outlining innovative sunscreen formats.

WGSN’s Generations reports also guided Paragon on how to communicate to Gen Z, which helped with its successful launch of Emina’s lip products to teens. Despite challenges in the beauty industry during the pandemic, tapping on WGSN reports helped Emina attract a key consumer segment.



Through the launch of LABORÉ, it became the first skincare brand in Indonesia to utilise microbiome technology specifically for sensitive skin. Its new product launches, from Wardah’s sunscreen and Emina’s lip products to the entire line of LABORÉ, were huge successes. LABORÉ’s special package sold out online two weeks after its launch. Paragon strengthened its position as an innovator in the beauty industry in Indonesia.


“I really like how WGSN presents the upcoming trends in their reports. They are specific, which makes it easier for us to deep dive and innovate more”

Andriani Oktadianti, Senior Head of Brand Innovation and Creative