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MKS Shoes strengthened its market positioning by carving out and owning its niche

MKS Shoes

MKS Shoes is an Indonesian women's casual footwear brand known for its comfortable yet bold and edgy design, striving to bring a fresh approach in fashion through product and values.

To remain true to its brand proposition, MKS Shoes needs to design shoes that are always fresh and fashion-forward. The brand recognises that relying purely on instinct is not enough when designing products that will attract consumers. It needed help to see how trends grow and which trends to tap into that would work for its market.

By partnering with WGSN, it came to understand the science behind trend forecasting. Utilising the data and following the trends in WGSN reports, MKS was able to carve out a niche and strengthen its market positioning unlike any other footwear brand in Indonesia. Inspired by WGSN’s reports on home leisure and loungewear, MKS Shoes designed a series of footwear, from the Zuli shoes using soft leather material to the Zura and Philo shoes using rug tufting materials. WGSN’s colour report also guided the brand on its 2022 Raya Collection, which added a unique twist on colour combinations for the Gian, Kika and Simona shoes.


MKS launched a series of footwear that became hugely popular in Indonesia. Its 2021 Raya Collection (Poppy, Emma and Blob) became the brand’s best-selling range. MKS also showcased the Zuli, Zura and Philo range during Jakarta Fashion Week, where it won the Fashion Force Award 2021.

MKS Shoes

“WGSN has helped us elevate our footwear products, making our brand come to life.”

Fitria Vidyawati, Founder/CEO