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How WGSN trends are the basis and inspiration for the development of new Nadir collections


Nadir believes cooking is an act of love shared by all, from the kitchen to the table. With more than 110 years of history, the brand is part of Brazilians' daily lives, creating products essential for consumers' kitchens and tables, whether at home or in businesses around the country.

To offer products according to the needs of the market, be it the demand for more affordable prices, items for the professional bar and restaurant market, or creating a differential through personalised and exclusive items. To respond to this challenge, the brand followed a process already ingrained in the company of carrying out constant market analysis using WGSN trends, customer information and research to create new products and sales strategies.

Nadir WGSN Tendências


For all launches since 2018, Nadir has used WGSN reports as a basis for the foundations and inspirations of its creations, such as the development of customised products following the trends, colours and finishes suggested in WGSN Interiors reports.

In its last launch in the second half of 2022, it used the Future Consumer 2023 report to align the products developed with consumer styles, and the report on the Post-Pandemic situation inside homes, which showed how people would change how they use the products purchased during the pandemic.

Nadir WGSN Tendências

"All of our launches are based on the information we extract from WGSN reports, whether in the way we communicate the product, or following trends in design, colours, finishes and applications"

Katia Yassuda, Product Coordinator, Nadir