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Helping the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world navigate colour

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  • Third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world
  • Distributes product in 120+ countries
  • Ranked 2nd in BoF’s Sustainability Index*
  • Coloro customer since 2018

* Sportswear category

Get Color Right

“We are a joyful, colorful brand and having market leadership in color is very important to us, Coloro is who we choose to support us in delivering this ambition”

Melissa Tvirbutas, Puma

Pair of colourful trainers

Designers can access 35% more colors with Coloro’s standard library

Puma needed a broader color range that supported their joyful, colorful brand ethos. The team’s color options were limited and they found themselves repeating colors due to having no access to new colors with their previous supplier. 

With Coloro
Designers can access 35% more colors with Coloro’s standard library of 3,500+ (vs. 2,600 from the previous supplier). The Puma team appreciate Coloro’s intuitive system, allowing them to find the exact color they need. Puma also have the flexibility to develop custom colors with Coloro for newness.

Color Leadership

“Our development in color leadership meant the Olympic Committee allowed us to update team colors – to be brighter and more impactful 
– for the first time in 10 years.”

Melissa Tvirbutas, Puma

Lady sitting on a wall looking out

10 years
The first time in 10 years Puma where able to update their colours. 

Without relevant creative or data-driven trend guidance from the previous color provider, Puma found it challenging to get backing for unproven trend colors. 

With Coloro
Coloro + WGSN’s seasonal Key Colors helped sell in trend colors. Having those colors as well as the Coloro tools at planning workshops helped to spark excitement and creative interest from Puma’s teams and build acceptance for trend colors. Developing color leadership has strengthened Puma’s brand identity in the industry.

Work With Ease

“Anything I can think of, they are 
able to offer...the Coloro team are constantly following up, to ask 
what can be done to help”

Melissa Tvirbutas, Puma

Person crouching down

Puma were frustrated by picking colors only to learn they couldn’t get swatches (or availability dates) from their previous supplier. This negatively impacted their supply chain and overall color direction – slowing decision making and having to cut colors because they couldn’t be achieved in time. 

With Coloro
Puma can confidently select colors knowing that Coloro standards are always in stock. Tailored trend presentations and custom color cards have also been added to their seasonal workflow after finding them to be very helpful.