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Eva de Eva founder sees an increase in revenue by working with WGSN to strengthen brand positioning.

Eva de Eva

Founded in 2007 by Dung To, Eva de Eva is one of the leading fashion brands in Vietnam bringing elegant design to the modern woman.

Eva de Eva led the rise of office womenswear in Vietnam. Though with more international brands entering the market, it decided to change its strategy to cater to a younger audience. However, in its attempt to rebrand, it lost the loyalty of its core customers and at the same time failed to capture a new segment. This led to a loss in market share, with company revenue plummeting. Dung knew that in order to survive she had to partner with WGSN, the leading fashion trend forecaster in the world.

Eva de Eva

Through brand diagnostics and market intelligence, WGSN helped Eva de Eva define its core competitive advantage, identify target consumers to support the overall brand strategy, and streamline the brand’s design and product planning process. WGSN also guided the team to identify white space opportunities for future growth through curated insights on product design trends from fabric innovation to fit optimisation.


While not a lot of companies in Vietnam use trend forecasting agencies, Dung decided to invest in WGSN. Her bravery in taking that step paid off. Through the new brand and product strategy, Eva de Eva bounced back and regained the customers it lost, leading to an increase in revenue. In 2019, Dung found an investor who bought major shares of the company. With her experience, from starting a business to reviving a brand with the help of WGSN, Dung now runs education sessions to coach other startup entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

“I 100% trust the knowledge and experience of WGSN”

Dung To, Founder