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BekaertDeslee is embracing sustainability and pioneering the next generation of mattresses and pillow covers.


Founded in a small town in Belgium in 1892, BekaertDeslee has since revolutionised how consumers think about sleep through its unique collections of mattresses and mattress covers that focus on health, wellbeing and beauty. 

Two years into the pandemic, many brands still face uncertainty when trying to understand consumers' fast-changing needs and behaviours. With its vast experience, BekaertDeslee knew the company's focus was correct but that its product development needed to prioritise sustainability, from design to the entire supply chain. "Our research showed that Europe's total number of disposed-of mattresses amounts to a mound almost 700 times higher than Mount Everest. We know we work in one of the most polluting industries in the world, where mattress ticking occupies the largest waste for this sector."

In place to maintain its leadership in the industry, BekaertDeslee turned to WGSN Insight's Consumer Behaviour and Personas to get a deeper understanding of its customers' priorities in health and beauty in the years to come. The brand also used WGSN Interiors to get ahead of the latest innovations and sustainable practices impacting textiles and materials.

BekaertDeslee Textile


Influenced by WGSN's data and insights, BekaertDeslee created a more sustainable and multipurpose collection, called Awaken, which was supported by its initiative &Beyond, aimed at more circular and trend-oriented textiles and materials. The hi-tech line of mattresses and pillowcases, Skin+, is designed with a revolutionary material that uses microcapsule technology to release probiotics and carotenoids. The products support sleep and promote self-care and wellbeing, and have been proven to increase the level of antioxidants in the body.

Today, BekaertDeslee is praised by numerous manufacturers in the textiles and materials industry as a leader in the push for innovation and sustainability. The brand has played a pivotal role in changing industry perceptions by creating a unique line of materials and textiles that emphasise the need for efficient, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable products.

BekaertDeslee Skin+

"For us, it was all about understanding the consumer, the facts and the figures behind the consumer. It was important to present this information to high-level decision-makers at our clients' companies. Without WGSN, we would have had a difficult time proving our case and the growing product opportunities for this market." 

Charlene Vaz, director of marketing and design for North America, BekaertDeslee