Innovate with purpose to create meaningful consumer-first products and experiences

Design standout technology products that enhance the lives of your future consumers with unrivalled consumer and lifestyle forecasts and inspiring product design direction, all in one place

Meet consumer needs

Drive future growth and sales by focusing innovation on products that consumers will want to buy with insight into how they’ll think and behave

  • Identify future consumer personas and their evolving mindsets, behaviours and values
  • Understand which trends will matter to the right consumer groups and how and when to action them
  • Understand how consumer needs connect to product design and UI/UX
  • Tap into the needs of generations and their changing relationship with tech products
  • Shift internal mindsets to consumer-first with data- and industry expert-backed trends to focus decision making
  • Distil global trends into regional consumer insight to inform product design decisions

Enhance consumer lifestyles

Increase demand by creating products that enhance lifestyles with a view of how consumers will live, work and play

  • Understand the context of how products will fit into consumer lifestyles with a view of trends across adjacent industries
  • Identify consumer lifestyle priorities and how to create products that complement them
  • Focus on making the product experience desirable and fit seamlessly and easily into consumer lifestyles
  • Stay informed of the key lifestyle shifts gaining momentum globally for the medium and long term

Differentiate with design

Gain market share and competitive advantage by knowing the right trends and translating them into beautiful products that truly set you apart

  • Use design as a differentiator, by staying ahead of emerging trends in form, design language and CMF
  • Understand technology drivers shaping the industry to create strategies for far-future opportunities
  • Plan medium- and long-term design strategies by knowing what will matter when
  • Stay ahead of the competition and never miss a market opportunity with a constantly updated view of competitive landscape and launches
  • Create sustainably by understanding the latest sustainable practices, including case studies and industry adoption
  • Validate decisions with use cases, competitor analysis and market data to influence and persuade stakeholders
  • Contextualise product design with a view of trends from adjacent industries

Trade products effectively

Stay ahead of the changing retail landscape with innovative strategies to accurately trade products in-store and online

  • Develop products and categories successfully by knowing which trends are right for your customers
  • Manage the product mix by knowing which products and design directions are uptrending and when to action them
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the most informed perspective on the next winning product
  • Get the product to market in time for when users need it

Meet the experts

Lisa Yong

Director, Consumer Tech

Lisa’s knowledge of macro trends, market needs and consumer expectations drive her role at WGSN, where her critical thinking brings clarity and intent to content direction. Her team delivers future-forward insights that enable clients to gain a competitive edge in business strategies.

Lisa has over 20 years’ global experience working with major tech corporations and nascent start-ups, including Samsung, Microsoft and Sonos. Her expertise covers automotive, consumer electronics, food technology, robotics, Internet of Things, travel and hospitality, health and wellness.

A keen traveller and foodie, Lisa is based in San Francisco and plans to explore as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible.

Reiko Morrison

Head of CMF, Consumer Tech

Reiko’s expertise ranges from trend forecasting to an extensive knowledge of materials, technologies and manufacturing processes for prototyping and production. She curates and articulates insights from consumers, technology and design trends in CMF strategies that guide product development and ensure commercial success.

Reiko has over 20 years’ experience in design and product development, working as a consultant for companies such as T-Mobile, BMW/Designworks USA and Procter & Gamble. With a background in industrial design, she understands how an effective CMF strategy can positively impact design and sales.

Based in Colorado, Reiko enjoys camping, gardening and spending time with family.

Caitlin Monahan

Strategist, Consumer Tech

Caitlin is a trend forecaster and strategist with over seven years of multidisciplinary experience across advertising, fashion and technology sectors. Her work explores techverse business strategies, phygital consumer shifts, macro and micro level trends and how they materialise into consumer products.

Caitlin has worked with influential brands and agencies including Carhartt WIP, Trashymuse, Omnicom and Trend Atelier. She also has a masters degree in design management.

Outside of WGSN, Caitlin nurtures her love for digital fashion, AR beauty and speculative design in her digital talent incubator, Limbo+Hatch.

Sarah Housley

Head of Consumer Tech

Sarah has 10 years’ experience in trend forecasting, spanning product design, lifestyle trends, technology and design futures. She writes the flagship Future Innovations report and is part of the core macro forecast team, who distil reams of global research into future trends each season. She is also one of WGSN’s Sustainability Ambassadors.

Sarah has spoken on design and technology trends worldwide. She has taught trend forecasting workshops and consulted on wide-ranging topics, from CMF innovation to the changing role of technology within the home.

Sarah is a fan of WWE and vegan cooking, a combination that plays havoc with Instagram’s algorithm.

Andrea Bell

Director, Insight

Part trend forecaster, part futurist, Andrea has in-depth knowledge of the consumer marketplace and behavioral shifts that impact society. She leads our future consumer analysis and works with global brands to create world-class strategies.

Andrea is in demand as an international speaker, recently appearing at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, MoMA and NRF’s Big Show in New York. Her consumer expertise has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Business of Fashion, and The Wall Street Journal.

Andrea’s special skills include never losing a game of Scrabble and always befriending the dog at any social gathering.

Lisa White

Creative Director; Director, Lifestyle & Interiors

A future thinker with over 25 years of experience, Lisa is an expert in lifestyle and design and has predicted key long-term trends such as experience design and the home hub. Her industry knowledge, creativity and cutting-edge eye drive WGSN’s future innovation and macro trends, as well as product development forecasts.

In demand as a speaker, Lisa curated the 2019 International Design Biennale in Saint-Étienne, France. She has been quoted in numerous publications, including the WSJ, Le Monde, Corriere Della Sera, and the South China Morning Post.

On weekends, Lisa can be found working culture into horticulture, and vice-versa.

Ella Hudson

Head of Research

Ella is obsessed with the human condition and understanding why we do the things we do, citing people-watching as a favourite pastime.

Sitting at the intersection of WGSN's products to coordinate strategists, analysts and researchers from around the world, Ella's position supports each team to deliver accurate, human-centred recommendations that enable clients to make decisions with confidence.

Ella’s previous experience includes roles at Sunspel, Chloé and Vivienne Westwood, specialising in accessories and jewellery.

A born and bred Londoner, Ella can be coaxed away from city life at the promise of a brisk walk and a good pub lunch.

Bethan Ryder

Editorial Director

Collaborating with a global team of senior editors, analysts and consultants, Bethan is the lynchpin working across content, marketing and product, ensuring WGSN continues to lead the way as a world-class information service.

Bethan has over 20 years’ experience as a design, luxury and lifestyle journalist, holding senior positions at Telegraph Luxury, Wallpaper* and ELLE Decoration before joining WGSN. She was also a copywriter for respected brands including Absolut, The Rug Company and David Collins Studio.

A design-lover, Bethan hosts a podcast on the subject and has written several books on hospitality interiors.