Beauty trends to create brilliant products

WGSN Beauty helps new product developers create the next generation of instant-hit and long-term hero products. From skincare to colour cosmetics, to hair, grooming and fragrance, WGSN Beauty provides the right information at the right time

Beauty Trends

Develop the best products, respect the planet and deliver for your bottom line

  • 2-5 year-out trend forecasting for long-lead product development
  • 12-18 months out reports on seasonal gifting, innovations and key lifestyle trends
  • Emerging trends and trade show coverage for the right now


The most relevant and sustainable ingredients to invest in now for 3-5 years’ time

  • Long-range forecasts for ingredients reveal the beauty trends and influences that will have the greatest future impact
  • The evolution of ingredients. From current hot trends like CBD oil – as predicted by WGSN two years ago – to those hitting mass-market tipping point, such as coconut oil and charcoal, and onto the future

Texture & Fragrance

Create a user experience to drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases

  • 3-5 year-out forecasts of the sensory experiences that will shape product and packaging
  • 2 year-out seasonal forecasts on materials and textures
  • Emerging trends from industries impacting beauty including food, fashion and art


A beauty-specific edit of WGSN’s global colour forecast for the season

  • Palettes and usages by category, 2-5 years out, from the team that predicted Millennial Pink and Neo Mint
  • Key colours for future packaging


Aesthetic trends in packaging 2 years out to give confidence in design and development

  • Innovations and trends to create compelling and sustainable packaging to attract the consumer both in-store and online
  • In-depth analysis on how to evolve sustainably, while retaining a luxury experience
  • Best-in-class strategies from brands leading the way on sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond

Meet the experts

Jenni Middleton

Director of Beauty

Jenni helps clients respond to the fast pace of change in product design, consumer demand and retail. She heads up a team of beauty, sustainability and forecasting experts to let businesses know what to launch and when to launch it.

Championing the role the beauty industry plays in supporting physical and mental wellbeing, Jenni guides businesses towards ethical and sustainable best practice. She has presented at international conferences on retail, health and beauty for over 20 years, as well as leading consultancy projects for global businesses.

Jenni enjoys baking, tennis, weightlifting and attending vintage-themed events.

Clare Varga

Head of Beauty

Clare marries an understanding of product design and innovative technology to create future visions for customers in manufacturing and retail. She is interested in how human behaviour influences the products and services people want to buy.

With a background in performance sport and knowledge of colour psychology, health and wellness, Clare helps shape the future trends across WGSN.

An engaging speaker, Clare has presented for global brands and industry events. As a media commentator, she is known for her long-range vision and perceptive trend naming.

Clare loves sport, especially rugby and cricket. She also enjoys watercolour painting and DIY.

Jenny Clark

Head of Colour

Jenny is a skilled colour forecaster with an in-depth knowledge of conceptual colour development. She identifies emerging colour trends and tracks their evolution across multiple industries.

Having trained as a woven textile designer, Jenny went on to lead colour forecasting in the automotive and footwear industry for 20 years, working at Nissan and advising clients such as Patagonia and Merrell. Her process is driven by creativity and strategic thinking, and she is always seeking the perfect colour for the right product.

Jenny is a home crafter who currently quilts with recycled denim and experiments with natural dyes.

Helen Palmer

Head of Materials, Knit and Textiles

Helen enables creative teams to translate future concepts into material realities. With a background in fibre, yarn, knitwear and textiles, she brings over 25 years’ industry expertise in materials forecasting and product development to WGSN, working and consulting with mills, manufacturers and fashion brands from Europe to Asia.

Helen excels at threading together big picture design and lifestyle concepts with consumer insights to create actionable product trends, enabling clients to stay ahead in a changing market. Motivated by ethical and responsible design, she serves as a passionate advocate for WGSN’s Sustainability board.

Helen loves cats, crafts, ceramics and the countryside.

Ella Hudson

Head of Research

Ella is obsessed with the human condition and understanding why we do the things we do, citing people-watching as a favourite pastime.

Sitting at the intersection of WGSN's products to coordinate strategists, analysts and researchers from around the world, Ella's position supports each team to deliver accurate, human-centred recommendations that enable clients to make decisions with confidence.

Ella’s previous experience includes roles at Sunspel, Chloé and Vivienne Westwood, specialising in accessories and jewellery.

A born and bred Londoner, Ella can be coaxed away from city life at the promise of a brisk walk and a good pub lunch.

Sara Gaspar

Head of Data Analysis

Sara's data expertise combined with trends knowledge built over five years at WGSN gives her a powerful blend of maths and creativity.

Sara leads a team of data analysts with an objective to extract value from cross-business data to provide insights on trends, product performance and market dynamics. They help clients make actionable, data-informed decisions across multiple verticals, such as WGSN Fashion, Beauty, and Food & Drink.

A lifelong learner, Sara is furthering her background in economics, statistics, and fashion buying and merchandising with an MSc in applied statistics to continue to bring world-class statistical analysis to WGSN.

Jennifer Edwards

Consultant Director, NA, Mindset

Jennifer provides strategic solutions rooted in the cross section of insights, innovation and behavior. With a mix of quantitative, qualitative and design-thinking expertise, she has devoted her career to understanding what drives consumer behavior.

Prior to joining WGSN, Jennifer consulted Fortune 500 companies, pairing bio-sensory measurements with qualitative interviews to garner an understanding of consumers' reactions to product concepts and marketing. She also designed and led L’Oréal’s research and innovation sprints, driving a culture of creativity and curiosity to bring successful disruptive products to market.

When not consulting, Jennifer goes by her moniker “Jenn the Creative” as a wardrobe stylist.

Laura Saunter

Senior Strategist, Insight

Laura is an expert forecaster in the retail space, exploring how the landscape is shifting and analysing consumer attitudes. A specialist in store design, luxury commerce and shopper behaviour, she identifies new consumer tribes, emerging business strategies and the future of the store.

Laura has worked on bespoke consultancy projects and presentations for global brands, including LVMH and Bulgari. An accomplished public speaker and panellist, she reports on conferences and events around the world. She also has a first-class honours degree from Oxford University.

When not examining trends, Laura can be found in a sunny climate practising her multilingual skills.