Are you on the Pickle Hype?

It's a big dill.
WGSN identified pickle as a flavour to watch in 2015. By 2019, innovators tested pickle-flavoured packaged snacks and awareness of its health properties grew. During the 2020 lockdowns, culinary creativity and concern about immunity added to pickle power. From pizzas to crisps, polarising pickle has inspired loyal fans and social media challenges.

Explore our trend confirmation to see how WGSN has been tracking the rise of pickle since 2015, and discover what’s next for this trend. 

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Pickle Hype

From 2015 to ...


WGSN calls out small-batch and artisanal pickling as ‘hipster’ foodie culture peaks, noting it as a rising culinary trend in The DIY Kitchen.


Innovator brands test dill pickle-flavoured food and drink, from crisps to cupcakes. Awareness of the health properties of fermented foods grows. WGSN details pickle as both a key flavour and an emerging health ingredient in The Fermentation Boom.


In our Cuisine & Flavour Forecast 2022 we point to the power of sour, detailing how the pent-up desire for travel, newness and discovery amid the pandemic sees creators pushing boundaries with pickle, from innovative applications across savoury snacks to pickle pizzas.


WGSN highlights how Covid-19 is driving rising interest in immunity and gut health, identifying fermented foods as a popular topic. In our WGSN TrendCurve: Gut Health report, we reveal that “pickles” are the most discussed fermented food on social media, proving popular in posts with wellness- and culinary-orientated recipes, health tips and brand promotions.  


WGSN forecasts the rising interest in cuisines that regularly use pickled and acidic ingredients, including Korean, Japanese, Mexican and Southeast Asian. In our Third Culture Cuisine report, we explore the specific flavours, dishes and fusions that show the greatest NPD opportunity, drawing on the fermented condiments, garnishes and marinades pushing global pickle flavours forward. Yelp searches for “pickle” climb 55% YoY.  


Hate-it-or-love pickle flavours inspire social media fandoms. WGSN forecasts how niche communities of enthusiasts will drive interest in polarising flavours. #Pickles accrues 3.8bn views on TikTok and the #SourPickleChallenge goes viral, propelling the flavour into the mainstream.

2024 and Beyond

In our Cuisine & Flavour Forecast 2025, WGSN predicts the rise of complex or contrasting flavour combinations. Pickle’s acidic, sour notes will be used to build and enhance complexity, cut through fat, and deliver fresh, fantastic flavour fusions, from white chocolate-dill or cheddar-pickle to kimchi-Korean BBQ. As packaged foods are increasingly viewed as status symbols, per WGSN’s 2025 Food Forecast, innovators will collaborate with fashion brands to create pickle-themed merch, transforming affection for the sour flavour into a lifestyle. 

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