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Your guide to Barcelona’s latest creative destinations

Wall graffiti along a street
WGSN Original Image/Mio Hayashi
Jun 04, 2023 By WGSN Insider
City x City

Get inspired by a selection of retail and creative highlights of Barcelona, guided by our local insider Mio Hayashi.

The Spanish capital is experiencing a boom in creative collaborations. Sustainability is at the heart of the city’s new business models, with an uptick in phygital strategies, local sourcing and support for independent creators.

A contemporary-looking building
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Homegrown brands spotlight community and culture

Established in 2022, House of Rowdy is an experimental retail idea and magazine turned concept shop in industrial Poblenou that centres collaborations between city creatives. The space also doubles as a community area where you can enjoy music, art and books from both local and international makers. For sustainable apparel focusing on small-scale production and natural materials, Studio Satta is the go-to location.

View of a shopfront
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Barcelona’s retailers showcase sustainable thinking

Major categories in Barcelonian retail include kidswear, alongside brands that combine cultural heritage with local talent. Little Creative Factory is one to watch, with unique collections for children following the philosophy of ‘slow manufacture’.

Similarly, Paloma Wool, an apparel and accessories brand, homes in on conscious manufacturing techniques while featuring collaborations with local artists. Operating beyond the usual timeline of the fashion industry, it releases timeless pieces throughout the year.

Alley with shops on both sides
WGSN Original Image/Mio Hayashi

Hospitality destinations with rich heritage

Boutique hotels such as Yurbban Trafalgar and Casa Bonay combine functionality, comfort and unique design details with a sustainable approach. The former functions as an eco-hotel under the Yurbann Hotels family that pays homage to Catalan culture, while the latter preserves neoclassical details such as antique hydraulic tile floors, ceilings, sliding doors and custom-made furniture and lighting by local designers.

Barcelona street featuring a piece of artwork
WGSN Original Image/Mio Hayashi

Sensorial experiences that incorporate interactive technology

Don’t miss out on IDEAL, an immersive digital arts centre that has featured artists such as Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh via a range of mediums including audiovisual projections, augmented reality and holography.

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