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Will AI become your new design superpower?

An artist's illustration of artificial intelligence
Google DeepMind x Vincent Schwenk/Pexels
Sep 12, 2023
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Does AI pose an existential threat to designers? WGSN explores how the technology is impacting the creative industry and what it might mean for the future of creativity.

WGSN’s Consumer Tech team takes over this episode for a deep dive into AI, focusing on how the technology can enhance creativity and innovation by automating routine tasks, allowing designers to redirect their energy towards the more imaginative and strategic aspects of their roles.

We also get an understanding of its capabilities and limitations, from its potential for creative endeavours to the ethical concerns arising from algorithmic bias and deepfakes, and arrive at a conclusion that while brands are responsible for the ethical use of AI, society also has a role in pushing for the development of safeguards or regulations.

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Embracing AI at work 

“These technologies, they didn’t replace jobs. They just enhanced our abilities and forced us [to learn] how to use them. So as companies are starting to understand the value of generative AI, they are adding skill sets to their teams.”
– Reiko Morrison, Head of CMF at Consumer Tech, WGSN

Digital illustration of a human brain

Pushing for fairer AI

“It’s important when you’re building these tools or using them as a brand, to realise that bias creates bias. Essentially, all the tech we use is shaped by the biases of those who create it. You need to think about the diversity of a data set, the motivations of the tool. And without tackling those biases in wider society, it’s hard to create better tech.”
– Matt Zara, Consumer Tech Strategist, WGSN

Digital illustration of artificial intelligence
Steve Johnson/Unsplash

Harnessing AI for good

“A lot of these recent AI developments are still very much done through the Western lens. And it’s just coming back to ‘how does this help or hinder marginalised communities?’ We have to be more proactive in creating a more balanced societal use as well as expectations of AI in the near future.”
– Lisa Yong, Director of Consumer Tech, WGSN

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