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Why Apricot Crush is the colour of 2024

Apricot Crush: WGSN AI image
Apricot Crush: WGSN AI image
Feb 16, 2024 By WGSN Insider
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WGSN has forecast Apricot Crush as colour of the year. Petra Lundgren, colour trend forecaster for global fashion brand H&M, joins WGSN’s head of colour Urangoo Samba to discuss this nourishing shade.

Colour comes first

“Colour is such an emotional and personal thing. That’s maybe my biggest revelation starting in this role. It's so personal and so emotional. It's the first thing you see before you see what kind of garment it is or even what kind of item you are drawn to. And that's what attracts you.” – Petra Lundgren, colour trend forecaster, H&M

Petra Lundgren, colour trend forecaster, H&M
Petra Lundgren at H&M, photographed by Mattias Bardå
A sense of wellness

“In a world of polarisation, we can all agree on the power of colour to create positive emotions. Both shades, WGSN’s Apricot Crush and Pantone’s Fuzzy Peach, nourish, heal and encourage a sense of wellness. Apricot Crush is a particularly dynamic and positive colour that brings energy and brightness to challenging times, nourishing the mind. The body will remain a top priority for our consumers and unexpected colours such as Apricot Crush will play into this.” – Urangoo Samba, Head of Colour, WGSN

Apricot Crush WGSN AI Image
A sustainable approach

“For many years now we've seen so much in trends focusing on natural dyes and how to dye sustainably. Of course, that's super inspirational and important, but you can also make sustainable choices in other ways. Because many of those natural dyes don't fix enough for us as a company yet, even if we find many different ways to do it. Otherwise, you can make other long-term choices; a calmer and more neutral palette is really important because then you can keep it from one season to another and do bulk buy or longer short colour choices and even men's and womenswear could share a palette. From a buying perspective that can be a sustainable approach.” – Petra Lundgren, colour trend forecaster, H&M

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