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What's trending in consumer behaviour in 2024?

Top Consumer Behaviour Trends for 2024
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Jan 23, 2024 By WGSN Insider

As part of our Top Trends series, we explore the two consumer behaviour trends that will resonate with them the most in 2024, identified by WGSN experts.

Social learning

Spaces for social learning combine collective experiences with opportunities for education.

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AI-generated image (left) by WGSN and embroidered artwork on oil canvas (right) by Keren Setton [@kerensetton] for WGSN

These institutions may replace the campus or office in an increasingly remote world, but speak to individuals’ passions and curiosities rather than their professions. Dedicating spaces to learners’ most niche interests will be key to helping them find like-minded communities.

Established examples, such as New York City’s Explorers Club, are getting a Gen Z refresh with an emphasis on accessibility, learning for pleasure and inclusive community. San Francisco’s The Commons and New York’s Verci accomplish this by fostering a university-like setting for postgraduates still eager for study groups and discussion classes.

Expansions of bookstore cafes in Asian cities represent an appetite for social learning experiences: studies suggest this particular third space represents Chinese youth’s most important recreational setting.

AI assistants

AI tools are supporting consumers with chores they don’t want to do.

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AI-generated image (left) by WGSN and embroidered artwork on oil canvas (right) by Keren Setton [@kerensetton] for WGSN

The new Dream House tool from US company helps users envision and locate the house of their dreams via a search engine. Users describe their ideal home and the site generates an image and pulls up available listings that match it visually.

Dutch travel e-tailer has unveiled a ChatGPT trip planning tool in its app to help users plan holidays. AI is also being employed for personal shopping and life coaching and support for menial tasks is now emerging in the workplace. US media sites Buzzfeed and Cnet have leveraged AI for content creation, while Coca-Cola has launched a project to use AI holistically across its business.

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