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WGSN x Marks and Spencer – behind the seams of a 25-year collaboration in trend forecasting

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Dec 08, 2023 By WGSN Insider

WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi’s conversation with Sally Joyce, trend design lead of womenswear at British multinational retailer Marks & Spencer, explores trend forecasting within Marks & Spencer and how it's used WGSN to stay relevant among new cohorts and the fast pace of trend cycles.

This week’s Lives of Tomorrow podcast celebrates 25 years of WGSN by discussing trend forecasting with another research superstar and one of WGSN's first ever clients. How can brands use forecasting to cater specifically to their brand and audience? Find out in this episode.

Sally Joy - Marks & Spencer

WGSN x Marks & Spencer – a dream team

"For me, the role of trend forecasting is to constantly inspire, to constantly move people forward and to make people feel a little bit uncomfortable because you're pushing them out of their comfort zone and saying, you think it's all about red this season, but next season is going to be about gold."

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Data x gut instincts

“We gather all the data and all the information and then join the dots. I always think that trend research is identifying patterns in what you see around you, which is a little bit data driven, but also a lot of gut instinct, and when you’ve been doing it a really long time, knowing what those opportunities are and what those winners are and what those key trends are.”

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The creative process

“We create three or four stories, big, big, big, juicy macro stories that feel like a bit of a lifestyle story, that encompasses a mindset around how we’re feeling as consumers, but then it will give a bit of a direction in terms of what those fabrics can be, what those key looks could be and even a little bit of a colour palette.”
Sally Joyce, trend design lead of womenswear, Marks & Spencer

Head to Apple or Spotify to hear the full discussion on our Lives of Tomorrow podcast episode, This is Not Just Trend Forecasting... It's 25 Years of WGSN x Marks & Spencer.

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