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Uncovering consumer motivations in the snacking revolution

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Jun 06, 2023 By WGSN Insider
Food & Drink

This podcast episode is all about snacking culture, covering innovations from hype treats to it-desserts. Discover the opportunities for new product development.

Consumers are snacking more than ever, even in the face of rising grocery costs. But their preferences have changed post-lockdown and will continue to alter as the climate crisis exacerbates. So how can brands cater to this addictive indulgence? And is it time yet for cricket snacks to edge their way to the forefront?

Insect used as garnish on fried food

WGSN’s Executive Editorial Director Bethan Ryder, Head of Food & Drink Claire Lancaster and Food & Drink Strategist Katharine Schub did some research to uncover the reasons for our love of snacking, which boil down to three factors: comfort, health and convenience. 

We highlight the pioneering brands that are leading innovations, from on-the-go breakfast snacks to healthy treats that are rich in vitamin, high in protein and even support gut health or boost immunity. We also talk about the must-know functional snacks that appeal to health-conscious consumers, hype treats that double as a status symbol and limited-edition creative collaborations that have reached cult status among Gen Z. Tune in to this podcast episode on your next snack break.

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Capitalising on the hype

“Snacks are emerging as edible accessories. Innovators are collaborating with brands or digital creators that align with consumers’ personal values. We’re seeing innovators also leverage things like drop marketing or limited time offer product runs which you might traditionally associate with the sneaker space and fashion, but it’s happening now with food.”
– Claire Lancaster, WGSN Head of Food & Drink

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Embracing maximalist aesthetics

“Food and drink packaging for  younger consumers has taken on a more-is-more approach versus what we see with Millennials, which is typically associated with minimalism, blank space and Scandinavian design. We’re seeing a lot of hand-drawn juicy typography, moving away from sans serif to no-rules chaotic maximalism – think both colours and graphics.”
– Katharine Schub, WGSN Food & Drink Strategist

Head to Apple or Spotify to hear the full discussion on our Create Tomorrow podcast episode, The Snacking Revolution: From Hype Treats To It-Desserts.

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