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Trend Q&A: How AI will change product design and more

Healing as a business priority, AI in activewear and what's next for the wholesale market
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Jun 15, 2023 By WGSN Insider

The rise of healing in business, AI in activewear and looking ahead for the wholesale market. That and more on today’s episode.

Want to know what’s next? Listen to the show where our experts from around the globe unpack your biggest challenges. This week, WGSN’s CEO Carla Buzasi takes us to London and Vancouver, where our experts share brand strategies on capturing increasingly eco-conscious consumers, those with shrinking attention spans, as well as Gen Alpha.

Watch the full episode below or read on for highlights of this episode:

Q: Should healing become a new business priority?
“According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, mental health deterioration will be one of the most critical risks for 2023 and beyond. Companies can play a fundamental role in helping stakeholders heal the traumas they’ve been experiencing in the last few years.

“At WGSN, we coined a new term, ‘healing intelligence’, which is the ability of companies to integrate healing and comforting qualities into their products, services and experiences. It will be critical for companies to use emotional empathy and connect and listen to their stakeholders.”
– Martina Rocca, Cultural & Forecast Strategist, WGSN
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Q: What is the future of AI in the activewear and sneaker industry?
“AI’s future in the industry is promising. Increased efficiency, reduced cost and improved consumer experience are all advantages of this technology. AI design can be a useful tool to push creative boundaries forward and an exceptional tool for rapid prototyping, concepting and design communication in-house and with your community.”
– Charlotte Browning, Activewear Trend Forecaster, WGSN
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Q: Where is the wholesale market headed in 2023/24?
“Brands previously considered the original direct-to-consumer darlings are now embracing wholesale as a way of diversifying their selling strategy. And even retailers who’ve got well-established bricks and mortar presences are trialling new wholesale strategies.”

“With 75% of US consumers researching and purchasing products online and in-store, brands and retailers must ensure they’re servicing both of these opportunities and wholesale is forming a big part of the equation.”
– Laura Saunter, Senior Retail Strategist, WGSN
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