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Trend Q&A: The future of EVs and more

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Jun 15, 2022 By WGSN Insider

Innovation in electric vehicles, how workplaces can appeal to the new generation and youths’ take on online dating. That and more on today’s episode.

Want to know what’s next? Listen to the show where our experts from around the globe unpack your biggest challenges. This week, WGSN’s President and CEO Carla Buzasi takes us to London and São Paulo. Hear from the friendly faces of our Mindset and Insight teams.

Watch the full episode below or read on for highlights of this episode:

Q: What innovation is coming out of the electric vehicle market, which taps into consumer needs?
“There’s a really big industry push towards technology, particularly as brands continue to try to take up space in this area, collaborating with commercial EVs and coming out with really interesting engagement opportunities for in-car systems. We also see play being an area of big focus for in-car entertainment, particularly as brands aim to establish their sort of ecosystems of software and services around entertainment.”
– Chloe Jerrard, Head of Tech, WGSN Mindset
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Q: Post-pandemic, how can companies be perceived as relevant, innovative and desirable to this new generation of work-from-home employees?
“Companies must understand the needs of people regarding the new way they’re relating to work. It’s necessary to take into account an increasingly phygital context, the need for wellbeing and to understand that flexibility and inclusion are essential values.”
– Ligia Barros, Director, WGSN Mindset LATAM
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Q: How are youths approaching online dating in 2022 and how can brands create experiences to engage with this group of consumers?
“Youths are emerging from the pandemic with new attitudes and perspectives around dating that align with their values, leading them to experiment with romance at a slower pace and in new formats. So to better connect with Gen Z, dating apps are tapping into TikTok and offering opportunities to co-create campaigns that cut through the clutter.”
– Elizabeth Tan, Strategist, WGSN Insight
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