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Trend Q&A: CMF design for tech products and more

Diversity in CMF, defining strategy with personas, and sustainable tech
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May 18, 2023 By WGSN Insider

Ensuring CMF diversity, using personas to define strategy and addressing demand for sustainable tech. That and more on today’s episode.

Want to know what’s next? Listen to the show where our experts from around the globe unpack your biggest challenges. This week, WGSN’s CEO Carla Buzasi takes us to Denver, San Francisco and London to shine the spotlight on consumer tech and CMF solutions in the industry.

Watch the full episode below or read on for highlights of this episode:

Q: Why is it important for companies to offer more than one CMF option for a product?
“At WGSN Consumer Tech, we see CMF as the defining factor for the personality of a product and that personality can change substantially with different CMF applications on the same product. It’s important for companies to recognise the diverse range of style tastes within their own consumer base. When a variety of styles are offered, this opens the opportunity for that consumer base to be widened.”
– Reiko Morrison, Head of CMF at Consumer Tech, WGSN
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Q: How can personas help define an effective CMF strategy for tech brands?
“Personas represent different types of users to help brands empathise with consumer types and what drives them as people. Understanding lifestyle influences and motivations will invigorate ideas around aesthetic expressions that appeal to target consumers. This in turn helps establish a good CMF strategy for creative teams to design the most optimal product experiences for intended users.”
–  Lisa Yong, Director of Consumer Tech, WGSN 
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Q: How can tech companies address consumers’ demands for more sustainable solutions?
“Tech brands can become consumers’ allies in reducing their impact on the planet by using CMF solutions that are not only more sustainable, but can often differ in surface textures, creating softer organic silhouettes and giving a more tactile aspect to products.

“From incredible 3D-printed materials made from recycled products such as fishnets to recycled cathode batteries, CO2-free materials or natural fibres, there are plenty of options that will impart uniqueness to products while being better for the planet.”
– Carol Aquino, Head of Consumer Tech, WGSN
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