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Trend Q&A: The climatarian diet and more

May 18, 2022 By WGSN Insider

The climatarian diet, festival fashion trends and how mask-wearing has affected lipstick. That and more on today’s episode.

Want to know what’s next? Listen to the show where our experts from around the globe unpack your biggest challenges. This week, WGSN’s President and CEO Carla Buzasi takes us to London, Hong Kong and New York. Hear from the friendly faces of our Food & Drink, Production and Beauty teams.

Watch the full episode below or read on for highlights of this episode:

Q: The term ‘climatarian diet’ has been buzzing more, but what is it?
“The climatarian diet sees consumers choosing food and drink products produced in a way that supports the planet and reduces any negative impact on the environment or the climate. 

“It features regeneratively grown ingredients such as kelp and  climate hero ingredients like moringa or bambara nuts. It also sees consumers striving for zero waste, both in terms of foods and drinks as well as packaging.
– Jen Creevy, Director of Food & Drink, WGSN
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Q: What are the biggest trends from festivals and what has changed since pre-pandemic festival dressing?
“Festival fashion is being reset as a category of its own. Sensuality is explored via form-fitting silhouettes and extreme cutouts, while eye-catching vibrant colours and prints take centre stage to uplift youth essentials. Key looks include 2000s rodeo, cargo pants and matching denim separates, tapping into the ongoing Noughties Nostalgia trend.”
– Anastasia Sinjiashvili, Production Lead, WGSN
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Q: Has mask-wearing killed off lipstick?
“Lipstick is far from dead. In fact, it is the fastest-growing colour cosmetics category, with a 48% YoY increase in just the first quarter of 2022. As many countries lift mask mandates, beauty consumers are eager to put on their favourite shade. The joy of wearing lipstick will become more for the wearer than the viewer in an act of self-love and mood-boosting results.

“As a result, smudge-resistant and skincare-infused formats have allowed consumers to be screen-ready, but also ensure long-stay formulations are transfer-resistant as facial coverings remain part of social etiquette globally.”
– Hannah Mauser, Analyst, WGSN Beauty
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