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Top fashion trends driving the industry in 2022

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Jessie Wong for WGSN
Jan 10, 2022 By WGSN Insider

Every year we reveal our highly anticipated Top Trends for the coming 12 months and beyond. In 2021, as we lived with the continuing effects of the pandemic, we experienced the accelerated rise of genuinfluencers and gamified retail, which we forecast at the tail end of 2020. So what’s coming next?

Kicking off our series of posts covering some of our Top Trends for 2022 & Beyond, we reveal two trends set to enter the mainstream this year, as tipped by our forecasters from WGSN Fashion. Find out why bast fibres and inclusive intimates are so important for the future of the industry below.

Bast fibres

Bast fibres, farmed regeneratively, will rise in importance as the fashion industry looks to diversify away from cotton. The bast fibre group, which includes flax (linen), hemp, ramie and jute, support regenerative agricultural practices that can help the soil sequester carbon.

Pure linen, being a biodegradable natural fibre, needs a fifth of the fertiliser required for cotton, less water to grow and draws carbon into the soil, making it a much-lower-impact crop. Linen, as the best known bast fibre, is already growing in popularity in the fashion industry due to its natural performance and eco-friendly associations. It is also cooling, moisture-wicking, absorbent, breathable and durable, with inherent antibacterial, moth- and stain- resistant properties.

Along with linen, hemp is big news in denim circles, while jute is expected to make an impact in footwear and accessories.

Inclusive intimates

The success of the period pant across all market levels has highlighted the opportunity to provide garments that deliver on wearable wellbeing, tackling the challenges women face at different times of life. This is bringing inclusion to the forefront of the intimates and underwear category by responding to the challenges of plus size, modestwear, pregnancy, menopause and older age with performance-based garments that harness fibre innovation to supercharge design solutions for their needs. 

Canada-based Thigh Society’s sweat-wicking, soft, lightweight and breathable slip shorts help to reduce the discomfort of thigh chafing, and can be worn under clothes for comfort. Adidas Terrex’s active base layers are designed especially for women, with special fit and body-mapped ‘sweat zone’ placements. US-based Elastique Athletics uses MicroPerle beading on the inside of its leggings to aid lymphatic drainage. 

All this product innovation is aimed at targeting the pain points for women and making them feel more comfortable and confident in their underwear at all times.

For more key trends, get access to our Top Trends 2022 report and exclusive webinar here.

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