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The rise of beauty’s age-positive movement

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Nov 09, 2023 By WGSN Insider
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WGSN examines how consumers, particularly Gen Xers and Millennials, are redefining beauty standards across society.

The World Economic Forum declared ageing well as a lifelong healthcare priority and celebrities from Madonna to Pamela Anderson are leading the conversation on redefining beauty – albeit in their own ways. One is reliving her glory days with a comeback tour; the other embraced her natural beauty by going make-up-free at Paris Fashion Week.

In this episode, WGSN Executive Editorial Director Bethan Ryder, Insight Senior Strategist Cassandra Napoli and Beauty Strategist Pia Fisher delve into the age-agnostic shift of society. Discover how brands are altering their language and strategies to target individual needs, from longevity solutions to wellness goals, to better connect with older consumers in a marked departure from the idea of youthfulness as the pinnacle of beauty.

WGSN subscribers can head to our site to explore more brand strategies for servicing Boomer and Gen X consumers. Alternatively, request a demo to discover how to cater to the rising age-positive cohort across fashion, beauty, food and drink, interiors and consumer tech.

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Catering to individualised needs

“Embracing age isn’t just for Gen Xers. It’s really this age-agnostic approach for all generations, which embodies serving needs and not numbers. Consumers are starting to push back against youth being heralded as the pinnacle of beauty ideals and we’re already seeing loads of brands tapping into this.”
– Pia Fisher, Beauty Strategist, WGSN

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Tapping the white space opportunity

“People are living longer and healthier lives, and the 70s and the 80s are becoming rebranded; we’re going to see more active lifestyles, we’re going to see a greying workforce. The 70s is when you’re the most happy, according to statistics, and there’s the added benefit of having money to spend at this age. There’s an entire consumer pool that is being untapped in industries such as travel, beauty, hospitality and fashion.”
– Cassandra Napoli, Insight Senior Strategist, WGSN

Head to Apple or Spotify to hear the full discussion on episode 94 of our Create Tomorrow podcast, The Rise of Beauty’s Age-Positive Movement.

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