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Menswear A/W 22/23 trend forecast

man dressed in black against terracotta wall
Mike Von/Unsplash
Nov 04, 2021 By WGSN Insider

Intelligent and versatile designs for fluid home-work-play lifestyles, the shift towards outdoors and design with an escapist edge are forecast to shape A/W 22/23 menswear. Discover how these trends are playing out in three distinct categories. 

Supercharged Simplicity

As the home continues to serve as a hub for work, wellness and play, consumers will be taking a more curated approach to the products they surround themselves with. Supercharged Simplicity taps into this approach and champions democratic design, with intelligent, durable and life-enhancing products made for all. Comfort and quality go hand-in-hand here and core items become covetable new classics.

At its heart, this optimistic direction is all about well-designed basics that bring personality and pleasure to the everyday. It celebrates the warmth, quirkiness and reassurance of designs that will be loved long term, and the lightness that comes from letting go and living with less.

Junya Watanabe men's knit quilted jacket
Junya Watanabe

Rerooted Nature

Rerooted Nature is an affirmation of the things that connect us – nature, heritage, craft and community – and an examination of how they can guide us through a time when we are all being rerouted onto new paths.

Nature has become the great unifier and healer in a period of upheaval, and this direction explores our symbiotic relationship with it. Within this trend, it is both something to protect through the use of sustainable and regenerative processes, and something to be protected from through outdoors-friendly designs and comforting, cocooning products. 

As we venture into new terrain and create fresh connections in the coming years, nature, heritage, craft and community will be the roots that renew and sustain us, repotting us for growth.

Paura di Danilo
Paura di Danilo


Awestruck is a trend that celebrates a recalibration towards tech that inspires wonder and warmth, and science that stirs emotion. With designers forced to conceptualise digitally, fresh creativity is emerging that transcends physical limitations and further erodes distinctions between real and virtual, ancient and futuristic. This is the new forefront of fantasy, science and magic in the metaverse.

Expect more experimental and extreme expressions of personal identity in this direction, taking in cyborg aesthetics and Surrealist styling, as well as a more prominent role for friendly tech, ranging from helpful robots and AI assistants to softer, more tactile devices that are engineered for understanding. 


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