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Meet the people you need to talk to in 2025

WGSN Future Consumer 2025
Apr 20, 2023 By WGSN Insider
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In an ever-changing world, how can your brand gain market share and lasting loyalty? WGSN's latest consumer forecast, Future Consumer 2025 (download here), offers focus and solutions to plan for in the next two years.

In 2025, we will see seismic shifts across our industries, our communities and our planet. We'll travel to new physical and digital cities, but won't forget the power of local. We'll focus on regenerative finance and business ecosystems, while understanding that growth isn't a dirty word. The Great Restructure is among us.

After extensive research, WGSN has identified four key consumer profiles for 2025: The New Nihilists, The Reductionists, The Time Keepers and The Pioneers. Uniting these four profiles is their need to reclaim time and their place in the world.

Read below for a brief introduction to these consumer profiles and download the Executive Summary of the report to find out how to best engage your future consumer.

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01 The New Nihilists

Overwhelmed by the polycrisis, this cohort has chosen to opt out of the world and care less as a coping mechanism.

This is driven by mounting concerns over inflation, climate change and the ability of governments or institutions to resolve those problems. Over 50% of young people between 16-25 feel anxious, powerless, helpless and guilty about climate change, while over 45% say that their feelings about it negatively affect their daily life and functioning. 

To The New Nihilists, relinquishing responsibility can be a source of joy. Unbound by the demands of society, they choose to live by their own rules and set their own metrics of success and happiness.

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02 The Reductionists

Reductionists are looking to re-establish IRL connections and communities with a more human touch. After embracing digital convenience and remote living during the pandemic, this cohort wants to reduce their screen time and rebuild their sense of community, valuing the tangible over the digital.

Value-driven, Reductionists are strongly aware of their impact on the world and gravitate towards businesses and brands that are sustainable, ethical and pay their workers fairly. Their keen sense of community means that they prioritise kindness and integrity. If they see something wrong, they do something right and they will expect the same from you.

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03 The Time Keepers

An evolution of The Memory Makers from 2024, The Time Keepers want to invest their precious time in things that will make their lives richer.

The pandemic and the rise of social media has made this cohort realise that time is their most valuable resource. They are pushing back against social media by investing their time into things that add value to their world, such as daily rituals and meaningful experiences. Quality over quantity is key for these consumers who seek lasting memories over material possessions.


04 The Pioneers

The Pioneers are movers, shakers and opportunity-makers who thrive on change and new ideas.

While other cohorts are working to adjust their impact on the world, Pioneers are looking to change it completely. They are the future thinkers building new worlds, whether it be better-functioning urban places such as smart cities or safer metaverse spaces. Pioneers are leaders, driven by a need to make an impact. Risk-takers who seek inspiration, they live with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the digital.

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Now that you know who your future consumers will be, download the Executive Summary of WGSN’s flagship report Future Consumer: 2025 for clear engagement strategies based on these consumer profiles.

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