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Key trends for S/S 22 denim

man in denim jacket
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Nov 08, 2021 By WGSN Insider

As consumers look to versatility and timeless style, a return to classic denim becomes essential. These key trends align with the core consumer drivers WGSN has been tracking. Items will offer a timeless range, with an eye towards considered consumption, all with practical features top of mind.

Timeless styles

The new drivers of value are useful, durable products that serve multiple purposes and can be resold or recycled. Refocus attention away from fast-fashion trends or trend for trend’s sake, and invest time in simplifying and curating core styles with quality materials and fits.

couple in denim
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Conscious design

Similar to timeless styles, conscious design has become a priority for consumers. Circular design guidelines are being implemented across the industry and it's important to align yourself with the new standards. WGSN subscribers can use our Designing the Circular Jean report as a starting point to ensure you are prioritising the right eco-initiatives and meeting consumer expectations.

girls in denim
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Easy to wear

As brands and consumers come to terms with what to wear once loungewear gets a bit boring, the generously cut, easy-to-layer denim trending before the pandemic comes back into focus. Easy-to-wear items such as 1990s jeans cut more like baggy sportswear work well when interspersed with hoodies and other throwback sportswear.

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