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Coloro X WGSN S/S 21 Key Colors: Quiet Wave

Coloro X WGSN S/S 21 Key Colors: Quiet Wave
Coloro X WGSN S/S 21 Key Colors: Quiet Wave
Mar 12, 2019 By Joanne Thomas

In our increasingly visual age where we have a surplus of information and a shortage of time, color will be an increasingly important way to cut through the noise.

In collaboration with our sister brand Coloro, we are releasing our Five Key Colors for S/S 21 exploring a modern view of color psychology. Once only viewed by hue, color is now being explored from fresh perspectives – by depth of saturation, level of lightness and warmth of tones. This more detailed view can be manipulated to connect with the mind and body in a more precise manner, as facilitating personal growth and strength is key to creating real, human connections with consumers.

The influence of wellness – both physical and mental – is impacting all aspects of design. From the energetic charge of red to the calm detachment of blue, our selection is rooted in the science of how color can elicit different human responses. Consumers can use colors to have an impact on their psychological and physical performance. Brands need to be aware of the power of these color choices to enable people to be the best that they can be.

For S/S 21, we’re focusing our five key colors on the psychological and physical experience of exercise, aligning each color to the different stages of a workout experience.

First up we bring you Quiet Wave, an optimistic and futuristic shade which makes it the perfect mood setter for a new decade. Greens have been gaining ground for a number of seasons – and in a broader range of hues – but for S/S 21, the freshest tones will gravitate towards cooler levels. The inspiration here is less about nature, and more about technology, and its pale, detached character makes it perfect for aiding mental preparation before physical exertion.

Preparation is key but often overlooked. When we think of any leading athletes in the field of sport we often focus heavily on the physical and technical side of their capability rather than the mental. Are they all in exceptional physical condition? Yes. Are they kitted out with the best possible equipment? Yes. What is it that separates the best from the rest? It must come down to the power of the mind.

Green has often been thought of as a refreshing and tranquil color, for example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often would wait in a ‘green room’ to relax and many centuries ago scribes used to look at a green colored fabric to soothe their tired eyes. This makes this hue the perfect pairing for preparation.

Use Quiet Wave’s  clean and cool undertones to cut through the noise and work across multiple categories – from head to toe womenswear active wear styles to the subtle detailing of zippers, buttons and toggles. Works well to offset and energise darker tones as it offers both a trans-seasonal and gender-neutral appeal.

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