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Inspiring coastal destinations, from Rio to Margate

View of beach in Da Nang
Kenneth Oh/Unsplash
Aug 13, 2023 By WGSN Insider
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Take a journey into retail, hospitality and culture as we unveil the coastal cities to watch for 2023.

As the northern hemisphere draws closer to the heart of summer, WGSN’s experts unveil the most exciting places to keep an eye on for coastal inspiration, from beachwear and swimwear shopping hotspots to resort destinations with tropical vacation vibes.

In this episode of Create Tomorrow, WGSN’s Executive Editorial Director Bethan Ryder speaks to City by City Senior Strategist Jo McGinn and Consumer Researchers Raeesa Brey and Natacia Lim, who share their top regional picks that blend culture and creativity – think bustling metropolises boasting vibrant markets, tranquil coastal towns steeped in rich cultural heritage and more.

Shopfront displaying rattan bags
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This podcast is recorded on the back of our recently released Coastal Guide 2023, which spotlights must-know hidden gems, trendsetting brands and designers and digital nomad havens. Request a demo with WGSN to discover more high-summer and resort inspiration from around the world.

Beach catwalks

“Rio is a great place for swimwear inspiration. You’ve not just got the beach catwalk of Ipanema, where you see what’s happening in terms of beachwear trends, but also local brands that are doing exciting things with swimwear. One is called Cosmo Rio, which goes against the barely-there colourful aesthetic and focuses a bit more on comfort and movement and has quite a minimal feel to it.”
– Jo McGinn, City by City Senior Strategist, WGSN

A group of people walking on the beach
RDNE Stock project/Pexels

Pet lifestyles

“When it comes to my generation, being pet parents is a big thing and some people are opting out of having children or having pets for a longer time before having children. I can see it on the streets of London, or even in my hometown, Cape Town, being inclusive to people with pets, especially dogs. Brands are offering an extension and this diffusion line for pets is definitely there because it’s a status symbol.”
– Raeesa Brey, Consumer Researcher, WGSN

Two dogs wearing sunglasses
Kojirou Sasaki/Unsplash

Food-inspired cocktails

“When I was in Da Nang, which is a coastal city in central Vietnam, I went to a speakeasy called Tê Bar and they’ve got a really good pho cocktail, which all of you have to try. It tastes like beef broth in the best way. There’s cinnamon, five spice, chilli, calamansi. It’s surprising, I expected it to be a bit weird when I tasted it but I was like, ‘Oh, this works.’”
– Natacia Lim, Consumer Researcher, WGSN

Head to Apple or Spotify to hear the full discussion on our Create Tomorrow podcast episode, Inspiring Coastal Destinations, from Rio to Margate.

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