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Industries are taking steps to slow biodiversity loss

Nov 16, 2023 By WGSN Insider

Our planet is currently experiencing a biodiversity crisis caused by human activity. Scientists have called this moment in time the ‘sixth mass extinction’.

To halt biodiversity loss, brands and manufacturers must pledge to reduce their impact and help restore biodiversity around the globe.

Interest in protecting biodiversity begins to climb again
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What you need to know

  • In 2023, the World Economic Forum recognised biodiversity loss as the fourth biggest long-term global risk. Global Google searches for ‘biodiversity loss’ increased 19% YoY (November 2023)

Biodiverse nature supplies us globally with the food, water, soil and energy we need, sustains the air we breathe and regulates the climates we live in - but despite this, we are experiencing species extinction and biodiversity loss at an alarming rate. Governments, experts, brands and their supply chains must now work together to put strategic plans in place to mitigate this and lead with impactful, science-based biodiversity efforts
Helen Palmer, Head of Materials & Textiles, WGSN Fashion

Coral reefs and fish
蔡 世宏/Unsplash

Initiatives for protecting and restoring biodiversity

  • Researchers and scientists at Conservation AI, a UK-based nonprofit organisation, are using AI to track and analyse data to help with the conservation of endangered species. It has developed models that can analyse drone and camera images to identify and track wildlife movement
  • The Textile Exchange Fashion Pact created its Biodiversity Landscape Analysis for the fashion, apparel, textile and footwear industries, partnering with Conservation International. It aims to help brands set biodiversity targets using science-based strategies and continuous improvement
  • In beauty, US-based fragrance brand Future Society collaborated with renowned perfumers to sequence the DNA of extinct flower samples from the Harvard University Herbarium, creating singular scents of floral species no longer in existence. Titled Scent Surrection, the fragrance collection creates an immersive experience, connecting consumers with nature that has vanished

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