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Coloro X WGSN: How colors are forecasted

Coloro X WGSN: How colors are forecasted
Coloro X WGSN: How colors are forecasted
Apr 02, 2019 By Joanne Thomas

What sits across all areas of design? What can make or break a collection? What does every design season kick off with? Your color palette.

Color has come to dominate many industries and when it comes to trend forecasting this is no different. Picking the hues which are going to be key two years ahead of season contributes massively to the overall product design process – influencing fashion, textile, technology and interior development.

For S/S 21 this process was no different, kicking off every forecast season it always begins with the palette. The influence of wellness – both physical and mental – is impacting all aspects of design and this is where WGSN experts began their research when choosing this season’s key hues. From the energetic charge of red to the calm detachment of blue, the selection is rooted in the psychology of how color can elicit different responses.

The chosen hues also have an artificial edge, influenced by the pervasiveness of digital culture and the coming of 5G, where the way things appear on screen will be as important as how they look in real life – if not more so. As consumers are spending more awake time on their screens (averaging 9 hours a day) than offline, the message is clear: color will need to do and be more – to affect us physically, digitally, and trans-seasonally.

Want further insights on this? Please join our color experts, alongside special guests from Coloro and Chroma Yoga, as we discuss the origins of each hue and why color psychology in sport and wellness will become more important than ever, register now.

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