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Exploring the future of hybrid work

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Jun 14, 2022 By WGSN Insider
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The working world is continuing to shift even post-lockdown, with many professionals still combining remote and in-office work. So what is the future of hybrid work?

PepsiCo research found that when employees are given more flexibility as well as a hybrid option, they see a 15% increase in productivity and 31% less absenteeism. This is looking good for productivity, but what does this more fluid, flexible future of hybrid working mean for people, brands and businesses? 

WGSN’s experts explore that and more on today’s podcast; from the tech we are likely to demand and adopt, to the type of environments and interior spaces required to tempt us back into the workplace for those meaningful collaborative moments. Tune in to find out what the future holds for the workplace and where the product design opportunities might lie. 

The future of work

“Hybrid working is actually really good for productivity. And what we’re seeing is that this is just a way for companies to keep good employees... but that doesn’t necessarily mean that companies are giving up on office spaces.”
– Allyson Rees, Senior Strategist, Insight, WGSN

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Biophilic design 

“The impact that having contact with greenery has on people’s physical and mental wellbeing is definitely proven... More green-inspired patterns, again fractals, are really key. Mathematical patterns that occur frequently in nature are scientifically proven to have a calming, soothing effect. Flooring companies are investing a lot of research into applying this for instance, for airports, for offices.”
– Gemma Riberti, Head of Interiors, WGSN

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Evolving tech

“People expect battery efficiency and charging speed to improve exponentially; this sets the stage for improving the wireless charging experience in this new hybrid life. Wireless charging technology is still maturing, but the market is projected to reach about $35bn by 2027. And in this regard, OTA (over the air) charging solutions are gaining prominence.”
– Lisa Yong, Director of Consumer Tech, WGSN

To hear the full discussion on how to work well in the future, tune into episode 52 of our Create Tomorrow podcast, The Future of Hybrid Working, on Anchor, Apple and Spotify.

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