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Discover São Paulo's bustling creative scene

Haviana store front in Sao Paulo
WGSN Original Image/Luiza Loyala
Mar 12, 2023 By WGSN Insider
City x City

As the biggest city in Latin America, cultural references are embedded within São Paulo's core, reflected in fashion, design, food and lifestyle.

Renowned and upcoming Brazilian brands

Among fashion retail, we're placing the spotlight on Nordestesse, a creative hub that showcases the production and talent of Brazilian northeastern entrepreneurs, curating artisanal fashion and lifestyle labels from places such as Açude, Prosa and Gonzalo.

Also on our watchlist is New Match, a brand that targets Gen Z, filling the gap in the local tween market. The dressing rooms are shared spaces and the beauty bar encourages customers to leave the store with a complete look.

Brands such as Nau, a 100% handmade swimwear label that offers floral patchwork swimsuits and embroidered bikini brooches, and Flex, the playful jewellery brand from Mariah Rovery that focuses on recyclable and malleable materials, are just two of many creative innovators when it comes to São Paulo's emerging creative scene.

Nordestesse store Sao Paulo
WGSN Original Image/Luiza Loyala

Sustainability and pushing boundaries are at São Paulo's core

The fashion industry has also given way to new brands investing in slow, seasonless ranges, with initiatives including Brasil Eco Fashion Week striving to promote new labels and sustainable practices.

Concepts in beauty and wellness are also pushing boundaries, with notable examples including Vic Beaute's multifunctional products and Lubs' vegan formula demystifying the taboos around sex.

New Match store Sao Paulo
WGSN Original Image/Luiza Loyala

São Paulo's cultural scene

Head to Pinheiros/Vila Madalena, a friendly neighbourhood of intimate restaurants, charming buildings and local brands, and the Jardins area for Brazilian fashion and up-and-coming designers.

Multiculturalism and architecture in São Paulo have long played major roles in the cultural scene. Glass House, a space that showcases the works of Lina Bo Bardi and Pietro Maria Bardi, and Japan House São Paulo, which houses a library, restaurant and stores highlighting Japanese traditions, are just some must-visits. Don’t miss the new Favelas Museum, shedding a spotlight on marginalised and Black culture in São Paulo.

Pinga Sao Paulo
WGSN Original Image/Luiza Loyala

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